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Bidding for grant (also known as publicly) funding for collaborative projects, from Innovate UK and other UK bodies, and European programmes such as Horizon Europe, is a highly competitive activity, as widely acknowledged.

So if your company is new to developing and submitting proposals to funding 'calls', it can seem a daunting process – and if you are already involved it, it can sometimes feel that you are not quite hitting the mark in terms of proposal success rate – which is where our TWI Innovation Network (TWIIN) training courses can help.

Introduced in 2022 in response to market demand, the training courses are aimed at upskilling participants in key aspects of bidding for collaborative funding, and managing any projects won, with the consortium partners.  We currently run three courses, all of which can be delivered by Zoom, in-person at TWI, or in-house at your premises bespoke to your organisation’s particular needs. 

Training course leaders

Our course leaders are highly experienced in pre- and post-funding award research and development project delivery, and ‘expert evaluation’ in the collaborative grant funding arena, so they know what it takes to make a winning concept or proposal.  Their approach is grounded in reality and best practice, and comprises taught modules with hands-on ‘class’ exercises. 

Research Proposal Concept Development for Horizon Europe (HE) Thematic Calls

  •  One day course aimed at new and experienced proposal writer
  • HE thematic calls, Pillar 2: Global Challenges and European Industrial Competitiveness.  Includes an overview of HE, guidance on reading thematic calls for concept development and alignment of research, knowledge exchange on expert evaluator expectations, an exploration of considerations for key partners, user cases and more

  • Takeaway  – participants will be able to make informed decisions on progressing a concept further and investing in writing a proposal for submission 

Writing for Success for Horizon Europe Calls

  • One day course aimed at new and experienced proposal writers

  • Practical tools and techniques attendees can use to plan and write collaborative proposals for public funding.  Includes mapping proposal ideas, objective setting, demonstrating impact, project implementation, partner selection and consortium building, resourcing, project finances and more

  • Takeaway – skills gained on this course are transferable to any public funding stream and will be useful in guiding proposal writing teams

Preparing Your Organisation for Public Funded Project Audits

  • One day course aimed at new and experienced Contracts and Finance personnel

  • Includes how to prepare your company or organisation for audit, identifying requirements and who to involve, in-depth detail on the contractual and financial documents required, common problems when meeting audit requirements, monitoring costs and grant management, effective record keeping and more

  • Takeaway – participants will gain an in-depth understanding of the actions they can take to successfully navigate grant/public funded project audits

To talk to one of our trainers about in-house training or specific to your company in-person at TWI, or for dates of future open courses, please email to and we will be in touch.

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