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Enhancing University-Industry Collaboration

Diverse Research and Development Channels

Innovation Centres

TWI’s Innovation Centres, each of which was established with a leading university, are collaborative pathways achieving technological and engineering excellence, that accelarate research and development (R&D) to meet industrial, socio-economic and environmental needs.

Each Innovation Centre focuses on a particular technology area, field of engineering and/or sector, and has been established to address industry’s demand for innovative new products, processes and systems in the context of pressing global challenges such as the drive for net zero, the transition to automation and more.

Together, their expertise ranges from additive manufacturing, advanced materials and composites, and joining 4.0, through to social science, artificial intelligence (AI), healthcare and more.  Innovation Centres work collaboratively with TWI’s technical sections, SMEs in the UK and Europe, and RTOs, on R&D projects to realise disruptive new technologies with commercial and market potential.

Explore each Innovation Centre below to find out more about it, including projects and publications.


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