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What our MBA graduates says about their experience!

Tue, 09 July, 2024

Curious about how a Senior Apprenticeship and MBA can propel your career? Hear form the De Montfort University and NSIRC Graduates’ about their experiences and discover how the programme transformed their leadership skills and opened doors to new opportunities!

We interviewed four executive education graduates from De Montfort University and NSIRC to learn about their experiences of the programme. What they told us provides valuable insights into what they most enjoyed about the programme, how they were able to manage their workload, apply their new found knowledge, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

The graduates we spoke to included Abbas Mohimi, Associate Director for Global Technical Solutions at TWI, Matt Haslett, Team Leader for Environmental Testing at TWI, Mike Nunn, Operations Group Manager for the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Group at TWI, and Namrata Kale, Principal Project Leader for Materials Business Development at TWI Ltd.

To read the full stories of each graduate, visit the NSIRC news section

Abbas Mohimi, a Chartered Engineer with over 15 years of experience, valued the diverse perspectives and expertise of fellow participants and instructors. He found the programme's range of courses and the focus on real-world application particularly beneficial. 

Abbas shared, "The most valuable aspects of the programme curriculum were the diverse range of courses offered, covering areas such as finance, marketing, operations, and strategic management."

Matt Haslett, a Team Leader for Environmental Testing, described his experience as "very rewarding." He highlighted the programme's value in allowing him to see the bigger picture and develop his leadership skills.

Reflecting on his experience, Matt said, "Studying a new area very different from my previous technical and engineering background was a significant learning curve and I liked the challenge it gave me. It has allowed me to develop better in my role as a team leader, allowing me to see the bigger picture of how my role, and that of my colleagues, fit into the overall TWI strategy."

Mike Nunn, an Operations Group Manager, appreciated the well-balanced learning experience. He acknowledged the additional time commitment associated with the apprenticeship component and suggested exploring a paid MBA (top-up) for those interested in the MBA portion.

Mike said, "The MBA coursework was directly connected to my existing managerial role, offering valuable insights. The time commitment for the MBA itself was manageable. The apprenticeship component of the course added valuable depth to the programme, and some aspects provided a strong focus on practical application."

Namrata Kale, a Principal Project Leader for Materials Business Development at TWI Ltd, shared how the programme boosted her confidence, knowledge, and leadership skills. She emphasised the programme's practical focus and supportive learning environment.

Namrata said, “It was a perfect balance! The assignments were based on the application of the theory to your workplace. The research was therefore not restricted to textbooks and journal articles, albeit involved a lot of effort understanding my own workplace operation and then making the connection.”

Since De Montfort University (DMU) and NSIRC launched the Level 7 programme as an executive MBA in 2020, the programme has been revised to provide senior professionals like you with the opportunity to upskill and gain the practical knowledge and business management abilities to thrive in the future workplace.

This successful programme has already had four cohorts and has equipped participants with the knowledge, skills and tools to excel in their workplace. Since sharing their experiences, these graduates have been promoted to more senior roles. For example, Abbas Mohimi, who initially enrolled as Head of Public Funding & Regional Development, has been promoted twice and is now working as an Associate Director for Global Technical Solutions at TWI. Similarly, Matt Haslett, who joined as Principal Project Leader of Fatigue and Fracture Integrity Management, is now a Team Leader for Environmental Testing at TWI. Another graduate, Namrata Kale, transitioned from Collaborative Project Manager to Principal Project Leader for Materials Performance and Integrity at TWI.

Don't miss this opportunity and take a step forward to securing a competitive edge through leadership! Visit NSIRC website to register your interest in joining our next cohort of the Senior Leader Apprenticeship!