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Industrial PhD Student Research at TWI

View the student profiles from our PhD programme in Cambridge

Visit the PhD profiles to read abstracts of their research in the field of structural integrity.

The industrial doctorate programme at NSIRC is sponsored and supported by our founding partners TWI Ltd, Lloyd's Register Foundation and bp.

TWI Ltd is a global research and technology organisation that has been renowned for its expertise and impartial advice to member since its foundation in the 1940s. Based in Cambridge, the centre is home to over 100 NSIRC PhD students, as well as over 600 members of staff who work in fields from numerical modelling and non-destructive testing to coatings, ceramics, artificial intelligence, robotics and beyond.

TWI CRP sponsored PhD students at NSIRC

LRF (Lloyd's Register Foundation) is a registered international charity that supports research, innovation, and education that is making the world a safer place to love and work. NSIRC students sponsored by Lloyd's Register Foundation PhD students receive guidance and supervision just as TWI sponsored students do, with an academic supervisor from their university and an industrial supervisor at LRF.

Lloyd's Register Foundation scholarship students at NSIRC

bp has been a partner of NSIRC since 2012 and has sponsored NSIRC student research that continues to have an impact across academia and the oil and gas engineering sector. Dr Roberto Morana, bp Senior Materials & Welding Engineer said , "Through NSIRC bp has access to TWI’s expertise on applied research and to PhD students undertaking fundamental research to help underpin bp’s commercial operations.”

bp sponsored PhD student case study

NSIRC PhD students (National Structural Integrity Research Centre) and those of the masters programme, have written many high quality journal articles, conference papers, theses and dissertations. The centre is affiliated with over 30 UK and international universities including the University of Cambridge, Lancaster University, Manchester, Singapore and many more.

These publications present cutting edge research that contributes to the advancement of the field of structural integrity and asset reliability management, through the development of new concepts and methods.