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  • MBA Experience: Abbas Mohimi, Associate Director, TWI

MBA Experience: Abbas Mohimi, Associate Director, TWI

Tue, 09 July, 2024

One of the most effective and attainable ways to achieve career and business growth is through professional development and academic programmes that integrate with your job. But sometimes our preconceptions or fears about time management, stress, fees or failure, can stop us from pursuing these kinds of valuable opportunities.

In order to help you address any of these common concerns, we spoke to several graduates of our MBA programme with De Montfort University (DMU), to try learn about their experiences as students and managing studies around full-time jobs. Abbas Mohimi is the Global Technical Solutions Manager and an Associate Director at TWI Ltd. Reflecting on his experience, Abbas highlighted the unique benefits the programme offers for aspiring leaders.


"The experiential learning opportunities, such as group projects and simulations, were invaluable in bridging theory with real-world application." He especially valued "the expertise of both fellow participants and instructors," which contributed to rich discussions throughout the programme.

He described the programme’s delivery as an excellent balance between theory and practical application by incorporating case studies, group projects, and interactive discussions into the curriculum.


He said, “This approach allowed us to not only understand theoretical concepts but also apply them to real-world scenarios, fostering a deeper understanding of the subject matter.”

Resources such as an online platform where course material and recorded lectures can be accessed, and supportive faculty members were there to help apprentices manage workload efficiently while pursuing their degree.


Abbas had this advice for aspiring leaders, “Engage actively with fellow participants and instructors, as they can provide valuable insights and support throughout the programme. Additionally, carefully consider the time commitment required and ensure you have a solid plan in place to balance work, study, and personal life effectively.”

What Abbas found most valuable about his MBA experience:

  • Fast-track your MBA: The programme covers most MBA essentials, offering an express route to a top-up MBA upon completion.
  • Gain practical experience: The curriculum is designed to bridge theory with real-world application through work-based projects, simulations, and insightful discussions.
  • Balance work with study: The hybrid delivery of the programme offers flexibility to help balance work and learning commitments effectively.

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