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Postgraduate Scholarships in Cambridge with NSIRC

Fully Funded PhD Studentships for UK, EU and International Students

NSIRC is proud to offer United Kingdom, European Union and Overseas PhD students will receive a scholarship of £24,000 per year for up to three years of full-time study.

In the case of UK and EU students, the scholarships and PhD studentships will cover university fees and provide a minimum stipend of £16,000 per year. For Overseas students, total funding is capped at £24,000 per year.

Scholarships are attached to each research topic so applicants do not need to apply for them separately, and your eligibility will be assessed during the recruitment process.

PhD Research Topic Vacancies


Masters Scholarships in Cambridge with Brunel University

Important update: The NSIRC Scholarship 2021/22 for Brunel University London courses has been updated. Full terms and conditions can be found on the Brunel University website.

MSc in Structural Integrity (Asset Reliability Management)

This MSc gives students in-depth expertise in the theory, science and technology innovation of mechanical engineers in the field of structural integrity. By partnering with TWI and NSIRC, Brunel University London has created an industry orientated masters programme that is training highly skilled engineers.

Oil and gas and international energy companies are increasingly recruiting structural integrity technicians and engineers. These experts are being prioritised because of their capacity to adapt to the ever-changing demands for energy and subsequent technology innovation.

Through the NSIRC combination acclaimed academic and industry experts at TWI and Brunel University, students are assisted from academic and industrial perspectives throughout their research and dissertation.


MSc in Oil and Gas Engineering and 

MSc Lightweight Structures and Impact Engineering

One of the ways the oil and gas industry will innovate and recover in a post-COVID world will be through the work of highly skilled oil and gas engineers. Trained with high-level skills and knowledge of practical and systems thinking, these engineers will quickly accommodate new ideas, demands and environmental conditions that threaten the safe operation of energy sector sites and ensure structures.

Graduates of these oil and gas engineering courses in the UK will be trained with vital knowledge across a range of disciplines. students will then be able to apply these new learnings to real engineering problems. Just like the Structural Integrity programme, Oil and Gas MSc also takes place in Cambridge, on Granta Park at TWI, the home of NSIRC and The Welding Institute.


More Postgraduate courses in Cambridge

MSc in Engineering Leadership and Management awarded by Aston University

A part-time Masters based out of TWI in Cambridge, this senior professionals programme is tailored to developing the kind of leadership skills that businesses need to secure their future and improve efficiency. A core element the programme focuses on the ‘how’ of leadership and is lead by Richard Atkinson CBE. The module emphasises experiential learning, and the exercises are designed according to the student and their employer's relevant strategy.

Senior Leader (Executive) Appreticeship awarded by De Montfort University

An program for senior leaders to become the modern executives and future leaders of industry. Created between DMU and NSIRC at TWI Ltd, the course educates executive apprentices through a range of work-based projects to develop an in-depth and adaptable skillset. Upon successful completion of the programme, graduates will be better able to run businesses through complicated cultural, sociological, scientific and organisational challenges that arise in a contemporary, post coronavirus global marketplace.

Students of this Cambridge executive MBA will also have the chance to be awarded Chartered Management Institute Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Leadership and Management.


Have you a question about the application process...

If you have any question about the application process or entry requirements for any of our postgraduate courses in Cambridge, please email Form there we can quickly answer any questions and discuss the course of your interest.