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Industry Focused Postgraduate and Professional Learning

Postgraduates Courses Based at World Class Facility in Cambridge

We offer a carefully selected and curated range of postgraduate programmes focused on the needs of industry and training the future leaders of STEM organisations around the globe.

Alongside our lead academic partner Brunel University London, Aston University and De Montfort University, we offer UK, European and International students industry focused courses with research projects drawn from calls-for-research made by some of the worlds most renowned engineering companies.

Senior Leader (Executive) Apprenticeship

De Montfort University Leicester | The aim of the programme is to provide learning that supports strategic leadership, high level decision making and consideration of the future of work. It provides a diverse and novel management knowledge base enabling successful apprentices to improve strategic thinking and develop the analytical and critical thinking skills necessary to solve problems and lead complex change.

MSc in Engineering Leadership and Management

Aston University Birmingham | The course has been designed specifically to meet the needs of businesses and to develop future leaders.

MSc in Oil & Gas Engineering

Brunel University London | As the industry now seeks the rapid drilling and commissioning of new wells to meet energy demands, along with major investment in heavy oils and shale oil and gas, skilled engineers who can rapidly design and commission oilfield installations will be the backbone for growth in this industry. It is precisely this type of engineer that Brunel’s programme will develop.

Msc in Lightweight Structures and Impact Engineering

Brunel University London | Brand new programme with an industry focus on advanced lightweight structues and impact engineering, this MSc targets two key areas, 1) Linear and non-linear material and structural response, including largeor rapid deformation, failure and high strain rate loading, 2) provide industry-relevant training in advanced simulation methods to support lightweight structural design.

MSc in Structural Integrity (Asset Reliability Management)

Brunel University London | This course focuses on the knowledge and skills most relevant to developing a career in technical and engineering roles where understanding and achieving structural integrity is a key component. Awarded by Brunel University London.


Fully Funded PhD Opportunites

PhD Studentships provide the unique programme where students design and carry out original experiments guided by the laboratory manager or TWI industrial supervisor, based on research proposal that are required by global industry.

Additionally, the programme will include high-quality training and support to provide a strong foundation for future careers in a wide range of engineering and scientific disciplines.

Visit our PhD Programme page to find out more about our research areas, or visit our students profiles and theses.

Our Affiliated Universities

We are connected some of the worlds most highly regarded universities. Each PhD topic is created in partnership with a university and industry to make sure that academic excellence is achieved alongside industrial impact.

United KingdomEurope & Worldwide

During the PhD programme, students will design and carry out original experiments guided by the laboratory manager or TWI industrial supervisor. Additionally the programme will include high-quality training and support to provide a strong foundation for future careers in engineering.


To help clarify your thinking, here are 5 top reasons why undertaking a PhD that is closely linked to Industry is considered a good move...

1. Better employment prospects than with a degree alone

Industry experience within the field you are interested in, like the oil and gas industry, will give you an advantage over other applicants you may be up against. 100% of NSIRC PhD and MSc graduates have secured employment within Industry after one year of graduating. Since 2012, they have gone on to work within the fields of oil and gas engineering, aerospace engineering and other structural integrity related careers.

2. Your salary could be higher if you have a postgraduate degree

Going into a future job interview, for a position at project management level, you can offer your prospective employer a combination of experience-based learning and industry training, gained during your time onsite in Cambridge at TWI, and the academic knowledge and skills that come hand-in-hand with a higher level research degree. 

3. Postgraduate courses that help you make a significant contribution to your subject area

Postgraduate study with NSIRC gives students the exclusive opportunity to conduct funded research that leading people across industry and academia are calling for.

Upon completing your degree, you will have the opportunity to test your new-found leadership and management skills within an exciting new career. Or, if you have published PhD research you'll have the opportunity to promote yourself, and the value of your research, in the form of journal articles, international conferences, maybe even in hardbound books... Perhaps a book that will even end up on a bookshelf in Cambridge city centre. 

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4. Become a world-leading expert in your field

If you have already decided to focus on a specific interest, then a PhD within Industry, or a part-time/full-time MSc, could provide the problem solving, leadership skills that are vital within a workplace environment. Global economies want PhD students with the personal and business skills to collaborate, learn and drive innovation forward. 

5. Learn new skills that will help your career as well as your personal life

Your manager will want to see that you have the ability to think and act critically, effectively manage, and not be intimidated by problems. To go from completing your undergraduate degree to your postgrad within Industry, you will develop a level of perseverance that will set you up well for work and life.


Find out how make your PhD Application or simply arrange a chat with a member of our team to see if we can find a masters degree or PhD topic to suit your ambition.