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Mike’s MBA Journey from Operations Group Manager to CMgr

Tue, 09 July, 2024

The changing business landscape demands continuous upskilling for senior leaders while organisations face challenges in navigating complex markets, optimising operations, and fostering innovation.

To understand these concerns and help you address common challenges faced by the organisations operating globally, we spoke to several graduates of our MBA programme with De Montfort University (DMU), to learn about their experiences as students manage full-time jobs alongside their studies. Mike Nunn is the Operations Group Manager at TWI Ltd.

Reflecting on his experience, Mike said his MBA experience was “rewarding.” He describes the programme as a valuable tool for senior leaders looking to upskill and advance their careers.

“The MBA coursework directly connected to my existing managerial role, offering valuable insights.” Mike further added, “The time commitment for the MBA itself was manageable. The apprenticeship component of the course added valuable depth to the programme, and some aspects provided a strong focus on practical application.”

Key benefits and highlights of MBA for Mike:

  • Well-balanced learning experience: The curriculum of the programme is directly connected to the managerial role and offered valuable managerial insights.
  • Added depth and practical application: The apprenticeship component offered valuable in-depth learning and focused on practical aspects relevant to the work.
  • CMI membership and Charter benefit: The programme offered CMI Membership/Charter as a benefit, which can be valuable for career development.

Mike Nunn is the Operations Group Manager for the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Group at TWI Ltd. After completing MBA Mike earned a Chartered Manager status. In Addition, he holds several prestigious qualifications, including Chartered and European Engineer, a Fellow of the Welding Institute and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, a degree in Manufacturing Engineering with Management and Business Studies from Brunel University and an Executive MBA from the De Montfort University. and Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute.

Launched in 2020, the De Montfort University and NSIRC Level 7 programme has already seen four successful cohorts, among them many graduates have seen career progression during their enrolment, to learn about the journey of our other graduates visit NSIRC news section.

To join our upcoming cohort of senior leader apprentices visit NSIRC website.