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  • An MBA Experience: Namrata Kale, Principal Project Leader

An MBA Experience: Namrata Kale, Principal Project Leader

Tue, 09 July, 2024

The business world is undergoing a rapid transformation, demanding leaders go beyond the technical experience in the field and develop a strategic mindset and the agility to navigate constant change.

The NSIRC’s level 7 programme, co-developed with De Montfort University (DMU), addresses this critical industry challenge. This unique programme empowers senior leaders like you to bridge the gap between technical proficiency and strategic leadership. To explore the delivery and benefit of the programme, we have spoken to our graduate Namrata Kale. She shared her experience and explained how the programme helped boost her confidence, knowledge and leadership skills.

Namrata enrolled in the level 7 programme as a Collaborative Project Manager at TWI. During her studies, Namrata was promoted to Principal Project Leader for Materials Business Development at TWI Ltd. She is responsible for the management and delivery of European and innovative projects, including joint industry projects and SCPS, across different sections within the Materials Performance and Integrity Technology Group.

Reflecting on her experience with the programme Namrata said, “The programme is structured to accommodate working professionals' busy schedules. This includes spaced-out classroom sessions, flexible deadlines with extensions if needed, and access to helpful resources from instructors.”

She added, “Additionally, a dedicated 20% time allowance from the workplace is provided for attending classes and independent study.”

Highlights and key takeaways from Namrata's MBA experience:

  • Balancing work and studies: “Balancing work and studies presented a unique challenge, further amplified by online lectures during the COVID-19 restrictions. Despite these obstacles, the experience was enjoyable due to the collaborative learning environment.” Said Namrata
  • Academic and practical application: The programme effectively bridged the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application, allowing participants to directly apply their learnings in their daily work benefiting participants' professional development.
  • Supportive learning environment: Engaging lecturers and a supportive cohort, including workplace colleagues made the learning experience enjoyable through joint assignments and some social evenings.
  • Flexible schedule and support: The programme offered a well-balanced schedule with spaced-out classroom sessions, flexible deadlines, and readily available support from instructors and colleagues.

Visit NSIRC website to learn about the Senior Leader Apprenticeship course content and to register interest to join the cohort!