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TWI and UKAEA Virtual Workshop on ODS

Webinars 13 April 2022

TWI and UKAEA Virtual Workshop on Oxide Dispersion-Strengthened Alloys

Time: 13.30-15.00 BST

TWI and UKAEA are holding a Virtual Technical Workshop to discuss the topic of ‘Oxide Dispersion-Strengthened alloys’.

Gains in overall cycle efficiency generally involve increasing the maximum operating temperature of the power plant. Such improvements have and will continue to be enabled by the development of materials with increasingly high temperature capabilities. Oxide Dispersion- Strengthened (ODS) alloys have excellent potential for use in next-generation high-temperature applications where superior creep strength and oxidation resistance compared to current alloys is required. Possible applications include tubing for high-temperature heat exchangers and associated systems.

This relatively informal technical exchange intends to bring together the knowledge and opinions of TWI and UKAEA, in order to explore aspects surrounding the design, fabrication, testing and inspection of ODS for fusion applications.

The current input includes:

STEP ODS requirements – Lee Aucott, UKAEA
UKAEA ODS research overview – Huw Dawson, UKAEA
Technologies (TWI – various)
  - Additive Manufacturing
  - Hot Isostatic Pressing
  - Friction welding
  - Brazing
  - Electron Beam
  - Diffusion Bonding
High temperature testing

We warmly welcome any other contributions to the discussion, whether that is in the form of a short presentation or through discussion contributions. Please indicate during registration if you feel you have any material you wish to share during the meeting.

Student and early-career participants are strongly encouraged to attend and contribute.

Enquires should be sent to

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