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Thu, 03 August, 2023

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Our email updates will inform you about the latest PhD Studentships and opportunities as they become available at NSIRC in the UK, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Greece.

Each PhD topic assigned to our studentships is a combination of a vital need for innovation from industry and an academic interest in industry-relevant novel research.

Be informed when NSIRC Scholarships for our industry-led MSc courses with Brunel University become available for the next academic year.

Master's degree courses have been taking place at NSIRC in Cambridge since 2012 and provide industry experience, knowledge and exposure that has aided graduates in achieving employment within engineering industries. Courses include Lightweight Structures and Impact Engineering, Structural Integrity (Asset Reliability Management), and Oil and Gas Engineering.

Get the latest updates and publication alerts when NSIRC research is featured in industry and academic journals. NSIRC papers are regularly published in high-impact journals and our students have presented at respected international conferences across multiple industries. The quality and relevance of NSIRC research is such that it has contributed to the updates of over 13 important Standards, improving safety and preventing unnecessary repairs.

You'll also be notified when registration is open for our events including the NSIRC Research & Innovation Conference, our annual exhibition of current research being undertaken by NSIRC students, as well as webinars and online workshops relating to our programmes.

Lastly, because NSIRC is managed by TWI Ltd, the world-renowned and respected engineering research organisation, you can be assured that your email will be kept secure and safe. 

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Get NSIRC emails and be notified about our industry-led academic events at TWI. Photo: NSIRC / TWI Ltd
Get NSIRC emails and be notified about our industry-led academic events at TWI. Photo: NSIRC / TWI Ltd

At NSIRC, our research is attracting attention from universities, businesses and governments around the world.

Our topics address some of the biggest technical challenges facing global industries, and throughout that academic process, our programmes are training a generation of engineers and scientists with the skills to lead in the next industrial revolution.

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