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NSIRC Research & Innovation Conference 2023

Industry-Led Postgraduate Research Solving Global Technology Challenges

In-Person | Date: June 14-15, 2023 | Location: TWI Ltd, Granta Park, Abington, Cambridge CB21 6AL

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Agenda (Both Days) & Technology Sessions

Keynote Speakers


The National Structural Integrity Research Centre (NSIRC) Research and Innovation Conference is a premier event that showcases the cutting-edge research and development being conducted by PhD students at TWI, a world-renowned materials technology and engineering organisation.

The conference provides a platform for students to present their research findings in the area of structural integrity, which includes topics such as advanced materials, fracture mechanics, corrosion, non-destructive testing, fatigue, and structural health monitoring. The event also provides a forum for networking and collaboration between industry and academia, as well as to showcase the latest advances in the field.

The event is held at TWI headquarters outside the city of Cambridge, and consists largely of oral presentations, accompanied by keynote speakers, and poster exhibitions, displaying the work of NSIRC MSc students from Brunel University.

In 2023, NSIRC focus on the development and implementation of cutting-edge technologies, processes and materials that can enhance the safety, reliability and cost-efficiency of industrial structures and components used across multiple industries such as oil and gas, energy, transportation, automotive, healthcare and mores. NSIRC also works to develop innovative solutions to pressing challenges currently facing these sectors, such as the need for reduced emissions, improved energy efficiency and greater resilience in the face of climate change. Through its research, NSIRC students deliver improved performance, cost savings and sustainability for the industries it serves


NSIRC Founding Partners: TWI Ltd, bp, Lloyd's Register Foundation, Brunel University London



Agenda for NSIRC Research & Innovation Conference 2023

Download the Conference Brochure to access the PhD presentation abracts.

Technology Sessions & Presentation Titles

Agenda Day 1
09:00  Arrival and refreshments  
09:30 Introduction and welcome Prof Tat-Hean Gan, Director, NSIRC 
09:50  Engineering capabilities where they are most needed Tim Slingsby, Director, Skills and Education, Lloyd’s Register Foundation
  Structural Integrity sponsored by Brunel University London  
10:20 First principles validation of barriers in NiAl  Adam Fisher
10:45 Thermal-mechanical analysis of mixing points in nuclear power plants  Funke Dacosta-Salu
11:10 Break  
11:35 Numerical analysis of welding residual stresses in a T-joint fillet weld Anurag Niranjan
12:00 Sensitivity analysis of magnetic circuit components of magnetic flux leakage device for appropriate magnetisation Selamawit Abate
12:25 Sensitivity of neutrons to hydrogen in steels Soumyadeep Datta
12:50 Lunch, Networking and Exhibition  
  Joining Technologies sponsored by Brunel Composites Centre  
14:00 Composite-to-metal joining for naval vessels Man Chi Cheung
14:25 Human-robot collaboration for braze pasting workflow Haolin Fei
14:50 Weld quality assessment of FSW joints by continuous acoustic emission monitoring Kartikey Mathur
15:15 Poster Session  
15:50 Learning by demonstration for learning complex manipulation strategies directly from pixels Antonios Porichis
16:15 Bridging the simulation to reality gap in robotics  Konstantinos Vasios
16:40 Multi-response optimization and web-based visualization of Ti6Al4V support structures for laser powder bed fusion systems Antonios Dimopolous
17:05  Closing words | End of day 1  


Agenda Day 2
09:00  Arrival and refreshments   
09:30  Introduction and Welcome  
09:35  Royal Academy of Engineering: Priorities & Opportunities Dr Christina Guindy, Associate Director, Research Programmes & Awards, Royal Academy of Engineering 
  Additive Manufacturing sponsored by Anglia Ruskin University  
10:05  Structural integrity assessment of cold spray repaired high-strength aluminiumalloy 7075 specimens Ali Alperen Bakir
10:30 Wire-fed DED of low carbon steels – influence of process control methods onproperties and microstructure Ahamed Ameen
10:55 Break  
11:20 Examination of environmental cracking in additively manufactured materials Yixiang Jin
11:45 Effect of process parameters on bead geometry of low carbon alloy steelmanufactured by wire arc directed energy deposition (DED) Siddharth Patil
12:10 Development of post thermal treatments for L-PBF A20X Francesco Careri
12:35   Lunch  
13:30  Setting the Scene – Understanding the changing energy market Stuart Broadley, CEO, Energy Industries Council (EIC)
  Coatings Technologies sponsored by University of Leicester  
14:00 Investigating mechanical performance of self piercing rivet (SPR) joint fordissimilar materials joints Muhammad Haris

Electrochemical determination of hydrogen diffusion using devanathanstachurskicell

Arunima Bhuvanendran Nair Jayakumari
14:50 The optimisation of Ni superalloy coatings using extreme high-speed laserapplication (EHLA) technology David Satterlee
15:15 Break  
15:40 Introduction of solvent de-curing trigger to enable dissolution of epoxy thermoset Magali Rego
16:05 Real-time optical and electrochemical monitoring of extreme damage tolerantsacrificial coatings Adriana Castro Vargas
16:30 Awards and closing words  




Keynote Speakers for NSIRC Research & Innovation Conference 2023

Each year, we invite keynote speakers from academia, industry and government to explore topics related to the innovation landscape of the UK. In 2023, we are privileged to welcome three keynote presentations from the follow esteemed guest:

Dr Christina Guindy | Royal Academy of Engineering, Associate Director, Research Programmes & Awards

Presentation Overview: The importance of breaking down barriers that prevent collaboration between academia and industry, how industrial knowledge can better the impact of high-level academia, and how we can improve diversity and culture within universities and academic environments.

Dr Tim Slingsby | Lloyd's Register Foundation, Director, Skills & Education

Presentation Overview: With population growth driving rapid industrialisation and urbanisation, notably in Africa and SE Asia, the world needs the skills to design and safely construct, operate and maintain critical infrastructure on an enormous scale.  At the same time, we need to adapt to a changing climate and enhance our existing infrastructure to be resilient. So, specifically what skills are needed to address this (including where and by when) and how do we create the problem solvers of the future?

Stuart Broadley FEI | Energy Industries Council, Chief Executive Office

Presentation Overview: Challenging our shared views and understanding of the world's energy market.


Professor Mark Thomson from the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) made a Keynote Presentation at the NSIRC R&I Conference 2021.


Get to Know our Conference Sponsors


AeonX.AI specialises in artificial intelligence (AI) research and development, homomorphic AI, end-to-end encryption and software development. The team comprises a team of physicists, mathematicians, data scientists, cryptographers and software engineers.  AeonX.AI works on AI applications in material engineering, medical data, signal detection, image segmentation, anomaly detection, data security, and homomorphic ML infrastructure.  AeonX.AI is the owner of two ‘Secured-by-Design’ data sharing and secured AI software, Aeolia Messenger and AeonX HML, and the application programming interface (API), which are highly customisable for different industrial needs.

Anglia Ruskin University (ARU)

ARU is an innovative university with students from 185 countries. A top 350 institution in the world in The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2023 – and one of the top 40 UK universities. Strategic partner of TWI Ltd, ARU and TWI have set up the Anglia Ruskin Innovation Centre focussing on digital transformation to help your business accelerate.

The Welding Institute

With over a 100-year history, The Welding Institute is the leading engineering institution supporting welding and joining professionals. We are licensed by the UK Engineering Council to assess candidates for inclusion on the national register of professional engineers and technicians.

Brunel Composites Centre (BCC)

BCC sits between the knowledge base and industry, supporting partners in industry to transfer academic research into industrial application. BCC specialises in novel composites processing and joining technologies, applied to industrial environments. We develop innovative methods for composites across TRLs 1-6.

Brunel Innovation Centre (BIC)

BIC is a world class research and technology centre that sits between the knowledge base and industry offering high quality research in an innovative environment focused on non-destructive testing, condition and structural health monitoring, power ultrasonics and allied technologies covering a range of materials, sensors, electronics and software systems supporting partners in industry to transfer academic research into industrial application. BIC pursues initiatives that span national and international platforms including Innovate UK, EPSRC and EC. The Centre has been building a strong portfolio of projects in line with its multinational interdisciplinary vision.

Brunel University London

NSIRC lead academic partner Brunel University London has three constituent Academic Colleges: the College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences; the College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences; and the College of Health and Life Sciences. Brunel has the 32nd largest portfolio of funding from EPSRC and the 13th largest from Innovate UK. This latter achievement illustrates that Brunel has the skills, desire and experience to work with companies to support their R&D challenges. 

CARRS Welding Technologies

Carrs has been in operation since the early 1990s, initially as a welding shop for contract work. Over that time, they have encountered numerous challenges while working for their clients, prompting CARRS to assemble a team to address these issues and find solutions. Gradually they brought on board talented individuals, such as John Sliva, and became members of the TWI, which led to our involvement with TWIIN. In 2017, CARRS secured an Innovate project with TWI, followed by another in 2021. As a result, we have gained extensive knowledge about the current challenges facing the industry, thanks to our close ties with the UK's customer base. In short, CARRS is well-positioned to offer valuable insights on industry trends.

Central Scanning

Central Scanning provides 3D scanning equipment and related services, and a comprehensive 3D printing service based on their range of high-end printers.  The company is a UK Ambassador and Gold Certified Reseller for Artec 3D, and part of the #HandsOnMetrology network which sells scanners manufactured by Zeiss, powered by formerly GOM technology.  Central Scanning also provides inspection and reverse engineering to a wide range of clients, for an ever growing range of applications, with the technology being deployed into existing and emerging sectors.

University of Essex

At the University of Essex, our researchers are ready to partner with you to de-risk innovation and accelerate growth. From Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and Smart Grants to Innovation Vouchers, consultancy, and collaborative research, we’re committed to helping your business grow.

University of Leicester

The University of Leicester pursues excellence in knowledge & learning to transform our community, our world and beyond. The joint UoL and TWI Materials and Innovation Centre specialises in materials modelling & testing in harsh environments, undertakes joint research programmes and develops the next generation of engineers for metals industry.


Zentech International Limited is a UK technology company providing state-of-the-art engineering software simulation solutions and consultancy services to major international companies across a range of industries. Our Zencrack software provides a 3D crack growth facility including durability assessment of AM components.


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