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Keynote Speaker Announced for NSIRC R&I Conference 2022

Fri, 10 June, 2022

Jan Przydatek, Director of Technologies at Lloyd’s Register Foundation (LRF), will make a Keynote Presentation at the NSIRC Research & Innovation Conference 2022.

His presentation will be titled, ‘Celebrating 10 years of Engineering a Safer World.’

After completing his research degree in Materials Science and Engineering, and a PhD with Imperial College, London, Jan had a 20 year career in the engineering industry, before joining the LRF in 2014.

Within his role at LRF, Jan has led activities that have taken a safety perspective of current and future engineering and supply chain activities, and created programmes focused on enhancing safety.

A registered charity, LRF celebrated it 10th Anniversary earlier in 2022, and held the well received Safer World Conference 2022 at the Old Billingsgate in central London, UK.

He currently Chairs the Structural Integrity Research Foundation (SIRF) council, and is on the boards of Lloyd’s Register Decarbonisation Hub, HSE’s Discovering Safety programme, Assuring Autonomy International Programme and International Consortium of Nanotechnology (ICoN).

Jan is also a part of Innovate UK’s Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Strategic Advisory Board, and represents LRF at Safetytech Accelerator Ltd.

Jan Przydatek, Director of Technologies at Lloyd's Register Foundation (LRF). Photo: TWI Ltd and LRF
Jan Przydatek, Director of Technologies at Lloyd's Register Foundation (LRF). Photo: TWI Ltd and LRF

A Postgraduate Programme in the UK and now International

Alongside lead academic partner Brunel University London, BP and TWI, LRF is a founding partner of NSIRC, which began to take on PhD and Master students in 2012, serving a global need from industry for industrial research, and a call from the UK Government to training more graduates.

The topics and dissertations of all NSIRC students reflect real world safety challenges that are being faced by global industries including aerospace, renewables and energy, transport, shipping and many more. All of which are connected to structural integrity and risk assessment fields.

In June 2022, TWI, NSIRC and Parahyangan Catholic University (UNPAR) in Indonesia, signed an MoU for the establishment of NSIRC International, which will see NSIRC students based partially at the university as well as TWI Indonesia (or a TWI Industrial Member office).

NSIRC Research & Innovation Conference 2022: What it is and how to attend...

The conference is an annual exhibitions of the PhD and Master degree research being conducted by current students of NSIRC.

Located at the state-of-the-art NSIRC facility at TWI Ltd, Cambridge, United Kingdom, students publish their latest research and conduct oral presentations, as well as a research poster session. The conference is an important dissemination opportunity for the students to search their latest finding with senior academics, industry experts, sponsors and fellow students.

The event is also an important part of NSIRC's mission provide graduates with training and experiences that replicate the kind of events that they will be attending in the future.

To find out more and register your attendance for free, please visit the conference homepage.