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NSIRC Research & Innovation Conference 2022

UK Research And Innovation Through Postgraduate Academia

Industry Focused Structural Integrity PhD Presentations

NSIRC Research & Innovation Conference 2022: Industry-Led Academia

In Partnership with the TWI Innovation Network Convention

brunel-uni-185x100px-nsirc-2021 | Official Conference Sponsors for 2021

Welcome to a National Structural Integrity Research Centre (NSIRC) and TWI Innovation Network (TWIIN) joint event, exhibiting industry focused PhD and MSc research.

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Returning to an in-person event, the conference will proudly take place at TWI Ltd headquaters, Cambridge, home of NSIRC in the UK.

35 industrial PhD students and candidates, across many subjects and technologies including advanced additive manufacturing, machine learning, digital manufacturing, friction stir welding, arc welding, non-metallic innovation, composites, coatings, corrosion, fatigue, failure prevention, net-zero and many more.

The NSIRC 2021 conference was very well received, providing a practical and positive forum for exhibiting and disseminating, the postgraduate and doctoral research of the engineers, scientists and mathematicians that make-up the NSIRC student cohorts.

NSIRC Founding Partners - TWI Ltd, bp, Lloyd's Register Foundation | Lead Academic Partner - Brunel University London



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Meet the Keynote Speaker from 2022...

Jan Przydatek


Jan is Director of Technologies at Lloyd’s Register Foundation. In this role he has led activities that have taken a safety perspective of current and future engineering and supply chain activities and created programmes focused on enhancing safety. He Chairs the Structural Integrity Research Foundation, is on the boards of Lloyd’s Register Decarbonisation Hub, HSE’s Discovering Safety programme, Assuring Autonomy International Programme and International Consortium of Nanotechnology (ICoN). He is also on Innovate UK’s Trustworthy Autonomous Systems Strategic Advisory Board. He represents the Foundation in the Safetytech Accelerator Ltd. Prior to joining the Foundation, Jan had 20 years’ experience in the engineering industry following his degree in Materials Science and Engineering and PhD at Imperial College, London.


PhD Research Posters Showcase from 2021

Throughout the NSIRC Research and Innovation Conference 2021, we heard from over 35 industry-led PhD students who are in their 2nd and 3rd year of studies within the NSIRC programme. However, the posters that you can view  here have been produced by NSIRC students currently on either the 1st year of their PhD or on the Brunel MSc programme. Our students have each created these posters to demonstrate what they have achieved on their course so far and what their research plans are for the future in each of their desired fields. 

Please take a moment to view the posters and we encourage you to email the author if you would like to discuss their research further.

Adam Fisher - Using Kinetic Monte Carlo to Investigate NiAl Superalloys

Adriana Vargas - Model to Simulate Cathodic Protection of Steel by Thermally Sprayed Aluminium in Presence of Defect

Ahamed Ameen - Control of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Wire Plus Arc Additive Manufactured C-Mn Steel

Ali Bakir - Structural Integrity of Cold Spray Repaired Aluminum 7050 Components

Anurag Niranjan - Crack Behaviour At Residual Stress Field Of Fillet Welds In Ship Structures

Francesco Careri - Plasma Electrolytic Oxidisation of L-PBF AlSi10Mg Alloy

Funke Dacosta-Salu - Characterising Thermal Fatigue at Mixing Points in Industrial Pipework

Haolin Fei - Human-Robot Collaboration to Improve Brazing Quality and Productivity

Kartikey Mathur - Real Time Evaluation of Weld Quality during Friction Stir Welding (Industry 4.0)

Magali Rego - Recycling of Thermoset Resins via the Development of a Solvent Trigger De-Curing System

Man Chi Cheung - Hybrid Composite to Metal Joining for Naval Vessels

Muhammad Haris - Corrosion Protection of Dissimilar Material

Nokhaiz Sabir - Characterisation and Early Detection of Hydrogen Embrittlement in Offshore Bolts using Acoustic Emission

Siddharth Patil - Development of Arc Directed Energy Deposition Process to achieve Consistent Bead Geometry and Microstructure with Optimized Feedstock Chemistry in C-Mn Steel

Tom Moynihan - Effect of Smooth Bends on Microwave Electromagnetic Surface Wave Propagation




MSc degrees based within Industry

NSIRC and our lead academic partner Brunel University London have had a longstanding partnership which has forged collaboration of various kinds over many years, with a focus  on the delivery of industry based academia in structural integrity topics.

The Doctoral and Masters courses are delivered through NSIRC, whose founding sponsors are BP and Lloyd’s Register Foundation. A leading industry-academic pairing, the strategy has created a number of benefits for both parties such as for industry in the enhancing knowhow in crucial areas such as the reliability and safety of assets, and ways in which to reduce carbon footprint, and for wider society through the training of next generation of researchers who have the ability to identify and development optimal technology solutions.

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A look back at our 2021 conference...

Download the NSIRC 2021 Conference booklet

AD - PAG NSIRC 001 580x330px 004

Conference attendees heard from three inspirational speakers: Professor Andrew Curran, Chief Scientific Adviser, Director of Research and Head of GSE Profession at the HSE Science and Research Centre who presented on ‘Health and Safety in a post COVID-19 world – understanding risk, using research and building resilience’; Dr Jeremy Silver, Chief Executive Officer, Digital Catapult who gave a talk entitled ‘Send in the drones’; and Professor Mark Gillan, Chief Technology Officer, Innovate UK who spoke on ‘Investing and connecting to accelerate UK innovation’. Delegates were able to choose from over 35 student presentations to attend during the day, each of which also finished with a live Q&A with the audience. Student research topics centred on additive manufacturing, joining technologies, inspection and monitoring, composites and polymers, materials, structural integrity, and standards and maintenance methodologies. Attendees were also able to view a showcase of posters by first year students, as well as over 20 technical posters published by post-year 1 students, on the event platform.


Thank you to our Sponsors for 2021

Anglia Ruskin University

ARU is a global university transforming lives through innovative, inclusive and entrepreneurial education and research. Ranked in the world’s top 350 institutions – and top 40 in the UK - in the 2021 Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

Brunel Composities Centre

The Brunel Composites Centre (BCC) creates shared research and technology capabilities, specialising in novel composites processing and joining technologies applied to industrial environments. BCC develops innovative methods for composites processing and joining across Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) 1-6, underpinning TWI’s work across TRLs 4-6. In addition, partnership with TWI gives the Centre the opportunity to work with TWI Industrial Members.

Brunel Innovation Centre

Brunel Innovation Centre (BIC) is a world class research and technology cnetre that sits between the knowledge base and industry offering high quality research in an innovative environment focused on non-destructive testing, condition and structural health monitoring, power ultrasonics and allied technologies covering a range of materials, sensors, electronics and software systems supporting partners in industry to transfer academic research into industrial application.

Brunel University London

NSIRC lead academic partner Brunel University London has three constituent Academic Colleges: the College of Engineering, Design and Physical Sciences; the College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences; and the College of Health and Life Sciences. It is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities, the European University Association, and Universities UK. The university is ranked as one of the top 400 universities in the world by QS World University Rankings 2022 and the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022. The university won the Queen's Anniversary Prize in 2011.

Carrs Welding Technologies

Through a program of continuous investment in new Technology,  Carrs Welding have cemented our position as one of the market leaders providing Precision Laser Welding. We have increased our customer base to over 350 companies, ranging  from small Engineering Companies to International Aerospace Manufacturers and everyone in-between.


Castalia specialises in complex DICONDE data handling and visualisation as well as robotic control interfaces for NDT. They have the expertise to develop tailored robotic inspection solutions, taking your efficiency to unexpected heights and driving your maintenance costs as low as they can go.

"We help companies secure non-dilutive funding and engineering resources to multiply their in-house R&D capacity, extend their runway and accelerate their growth. We take the hassle out of the grant funding application process; we work at your side, undertaking the preparation and submission of grant proposals end-to-end. And, if necessary, we bring together the right strategic partnerships tapping in our network of over a hundred organisations across Europe."


Coventry University

Coventry University is an award winning, forward-looking, modern university with a track record in running effective collaborations and partnerships with academic peers and industrial partners from around the world. Under the global challenge of Clean Growth and Future Mobility, our research is concerned with advancing powertrain electrification, future and disruptive mobility solutions, advanced manufacturing technology and next-generation materials to ensure a more sustainable future.


ISOPREP TM is a technical collaboration project, funded by the EU H2020, with the objective of developing technologies that convert waste plastic into virgin-like plastic.  The Project is developing a closed-loop recycling plant able to reclaim and process polypropylene from complex multi-material products, such as carpet waste, into virgin-like PP of high purity and the Pilot Plant is currently being built at Floteks facilities. 


At Hilti we design and manufacture leading-edge technology, software and services which power the professional construction industry worldwide. We’re a one-stop shop for building, offering a 360° service from design software, products and tools onsite to training, repairs, testing and consultancy. 

Industrial Net Zero Innovation Centre | Digital Catapult

Digital Catapult is proud to be partners with TWI to establish an industrial net-zero hub. Established as a joint initiative between two of the UK’s leading innovation organisations in the engineering and digital sectors, INZIC targets asset and energy intensive industries such as aerospace, utilities and energy. 


As the world transitions to a low carbon economy, JCB is developing new concepts, understanding for new lighter materials, novel joining methods and the effect of these on durability. However, there is still much to learn about the traditional fatigue of welded steel structures, how machines are used in the field and how we can use virtual methods to increase confidence and reduce time to market. The knowledge and upcoming talent from NSIRC and TWI is helping JCB explore and push the current state-of-the art in fatigue, as well as new materials and joining technologies.


Kaplam was established in April 2005 to produce plastic injection parts in Bursa, Demirtaş Organised Industrial Region (OSB). With its renewed partnership structure in 2008, Kaplam moved its operations to new plant in Karacabey OSB, based on investment for the automotive industry, with a closed area of 13.000 m2 built on 17.000 m2 of land. Kaplam serves its customers with a broad range of fully robotic and new injection machines in the closing power range of 50–2000 tons. Production equipment is guaranteed to work with dimensional precision and tolerance range, in accordance with customers’ expectations, especially in the automotive sector.

Malvern Panalytical

Our analytical systems and services help our customers to create a better world. Through chemical, physical and structural analysis of materials, they improve everything from the energies that power us and the materials we build with, to the medicines that cure us and the foods we enjoy. We partner with many of the world’s biggest companies, universities and research organizations. They value us not only for the power of our solutions, but also for the depth of our expertise, collaboration and integrity. 

Next Engine

Next Engine Technology International originates from New Zealand but has recently established a presence in Cambridge, England to develop closer relations with TWI and its innovation network of technology accelerators; SMEs, end users and innovation centres. Next Engine is attempting to displace current crankshaft and turbine engine technologies with a new engine architecture that offers more. 

Teesside University

Teesside University generates and applies knowledge that contributes to the economic, social and cultural success of students, partners and the communities we serve. Through education enriched by research, innovation, and engagement with business and the professions, we transform lives and economies.

The Welding Insitute

The Welding Institute is a professional engineering institution, meaning that we are able to register engineers and technicians globally into the Institute. The Welding Institute is the leading professional institution for the registration of welding and joining engineers. However, we also offer registration to all engineers, regardless of your technical background.

TWI Certification Ltd

TWI Certification Ltd (TWI CL) develops and implements certification schemes for individuals and organisations. With over 25 different types of certification available, from welding inspection to training organisations, TWI CL is able to meet all your certification needs.

TWI Hellas

TWI Hellas develops artificial intelligence and intelligent automation that can help people and machines across different industries perform better, smarter, faster and more safely. We capitalise on today’s influx of industrial data, abundant sensors, plummeting computing costs and unprecedented connectivity by finding the optimum balance between hard science and technology-focused creativity, to deliver software and hardware that are easy and safe to use.

University of Leicester | MatIC

The Materials and Innovation Centre (MatIC), an international collaboration between The Welding Institute and the University of Leicester, creates a shared research and technology capability. Bringing together the expertise of the two organisations, it will specialise in small and fullscale materials testing in harsh environments, it will undertake joint research programmes and it will develop the next generation of technologies and engineers in this discipline.



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