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Faris Nafiah passes his PhD Viva

Mon, 20 September, 2021

Faris passes his PhD with minor corrections

Faris Nafiah, NSIRC and Lloyd's Register Foundation PhD Candidate, has passed his PhD Viva with minor correction.

His thesis, entitled “Assessing corrosion in insulated pipeline walls with pulsed eddy current”, focuses on quantitative data analysis to improve wall thinning measurements of pipelines.

The research work explored various aspects of signal processing to enable corrosion inspection using pulsed eddy current technology. During Faris' PhD, he and a supporting team of engineers and experts at TWI, came up with multiple techniques for interpreting the response signals, including introducing a new calibration routine to eliminate the need for insulation removal during inspection.

Faris Nafiah, presenting his PhD Research Poster at the NSIRC 2019 Annual Conference at TWI, Cambridge. Photo: TWI Ltd
Faris Nafiah, presenting his PhD Research Poster at the NSIRC 2019 Annual Conference at TWI, Cambridge. Photo: TWI Ltd

Faris Nafiah said, "The research would not have been made possible without the sponsorship of Lloyd’s Register Foundation."

"The work has always been a team effort; massive thanks to the supervisory and technical team at TWI, Owen Rees-Lloyd, Dr. Ryan Mark, and Dr. John Rudlin, and LSBU, Prof. Mohammad Osman Tokhi, Dr. Maziar Shirkoohi, Dr. Duan Fang, and Dr. Zhanfang Zhao, for their willingness to impart their knowledge."

"I appreciate the opportunity given by TWI and NSIRC to carry out this industrial research in their facility.“

"It is great to see students like Faris producing such exciting research, contributing to NSIRC's core ambition to advance fundamental research with real world applications in industry."

Ameni Lounissi, TWI Research and Innovation Section Manager

Before beginning his PhD, Faris graduated with a BEng (Hons.) from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, going on to work at Intel in 2016.

He completed his master’s degree at the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) in Kuala Lumpur in 2018, where during the programme, Faris began work on pulsed eddy current.

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