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Wed, 08 January, 2020

Student Name

Faris Nafiah

Research Title

Towards pipeline profiling using pulsed eddy current


Pulsed eddy current, non-destructive testing, pipeline, signal processing, NDT


Lloyd’s Register Foundation

Affiliated University

London South Bank University


Dr Shiva Majidnia and Dr John Rudlin (TWI Ltd.), Prof Mohammad O Tokhi and Dr Fang Duan (London South Bank University)

Start Date


Project Outline

This PhD aims at developing an approach to detect and evaluate corrosion occurring in pipelines. The multi-layered structure of most pipes in process plant applications complicates the deployment of conventional non-destructive testing techniques. For this reason, the project employs pulsed eddy current (PEC) as an alternative for a non-contact approach.

However, the use of PEC poses various challenges; in addition to the variation in the value of lift-off/insulation thickness, the presence of weather protection provides shielding effects to the penetration capability of a PEC system. The performance of a PEC system is also largely dependent on the electrical and magnetic properties of pipe material, which are generally unknown.

In order for a PEC technique to be employed effectively, these issues need to be addressed. Tools such as analytical modelling, signal processing, and statistical-based algorithms are employed to compensate the adverse effects.


Nafiah, F., Sophian, A., Khan, M.R. et al. Quantitative evaluation of crack depths and angles for pulsed eddy current non-destructive testing, NDT& E International 102 (2019)

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F. Nafiah et al., "Parameter Analysis of Pulsed Eddy Current Sensor using Principal Component Analysis," in IEEE Sensors Journal, doi: 10.1109/JSEN.2020.3036967.

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