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NSIRC International and Monash University Malaysia Sign MoU

Wed, 11 January, 2023

NSIRC International, the recently established, and growing, overseas sister organisation to the National Structural Integrity Research Centre (NSIRC) in the UK, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Monash University Malaysia, home to the third largest campus of Australia’s largest university.

Monash University Malaysia, founded in 1998, was the first foreign university campus to be set-up in Malaysia. Since then it has established strong links with industry and Government, while serving as a platform for research and education in South East Asia and beyond, and seeking real-world solutions that address national and international priorities. Parent Monash University is a member of Australia’s prestigious Group of Eight (Go8) which comprises the country’s foremost universities leading excellence and debate.

NSIRC International’s journey began in early 2022, aiming to extend the original NSIRC model of delivering novel PhDs based on industrial needs, in partnership with leading universities, out to local territories globally. NSIRC has now been providing novel PhDs, as well as new MBAs and MSCs, for students seeking a career in structural integrity engineering and technologies, for the last 10 years, while NSIRC International, in just under a year, has forged partnerships with premier universities in Thailand and Indonesia, as well as with Universiti Sains Malaysia in September 2022.

The MoU between Monash University Malaysia and NSIRC International will see the two partners working together to create an industry-led, postgraduate research centre offering research and development (R&D) programmes, and forming academic links for mutual collaboration. Postgraduate students will undertake 3-year PhDs, supported by an academic supervisor at the University and an industrial supervisor from TWI, based on the topic areas of net zero and circular economy, digitalisation, smart manufacturing, Industry 4.0, new materials and structural integrity.

Prof Tat-Hean, Director of NSIRC, and of Membership and Innovation at TWI, said “Since its original foundation in 2012 with our lead partners for industry and academia, namely Lloyd’s Register Foundation and Brunel University London respectively, we have proved the success of NSIRC as a postgraduate platform for training the next generation of engineers. Therefore, it was a natural progression to expand NSIRC out into the territories that TWI is currently active in and contributing to.” “This new venture with Monash University Malaysia will complement the R&D activities being undertaken by TWI Global Technology Centre (GTC) in Singapore, where the focus is on initiatives that benefit the ASEAN region, and I envisage exciting prospects ahead for technology innovation with our partners and networks” he added.

NSIRC is one of the ‘four pillars’ of the TWI Innovation Network (TWIIN), which in turn is closely affiliated with TWI GTC. Therefore, this latest NSIRC International achievement will further enrich TWIIN’s innovation ecosystem, and its links between academia and industry.

Prof Anthony Guo of Monash University Malaysia said “Monash University Malaysia is a research-intensive university with a world-class track record and achievements. The partnership with TWI is an opportunity to strengthen our industrial network towards the betterment of our communities, both locally and globally. The NSIRC programme bridges the gap between academia and industry, through the development of talents and paving the way for innovative solutions for future challenges.”

Photograph shows, left to right, Prof Anthony Guo, Monash University Malaysia and Prof Tat-Hean Gan, NSIRC and TWI, signing the Memorandum of Understanding.

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