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Podcast: Marc Jacobs from the Molecular Plasma Group

Fri, 06 May, 2022

Digitalisation and Advanced Manufacturing: Molecular Plasma Group

In this episode from the TWI Innovation Network (TWIIN) Podcast, Dr Cem Selcuk, Head of Business Development for TWIIN, has a conversation with Marc Jacobs, Chair of the Board at the Molecular Plasma Group (MPG).

Following on from our last podcast episode that focused on the digitalisation of factory environments, we are delighted to have been joined by Marc Jacobs from MPG in order to expand on that topic.

Discussing the scale-up story of MPG, Marc provides insight into the company's rapid development of new face-mask technology with nano layer coatings.

Together, they also highlight MPG's latest machines whose uses range from lab to full scale production, in the process, taking a nano level activity to full production.

The pandemic created many complications for factory environments, particularly with facilities shutting down and production lines being halted across the globe. Companies had to respond rapidly and create solutions as part of the international Corona virus response, including MPG who remained very active during this period.

Innovators of atmospheric plasma technology, MPG has created a wide range of new surface functionalities thanks to their unique ability to introduce inorganic as well as organic precursor molecules into the plasma.

The Luxembourg based company is now looking to expand into the UK and therefore joined TWIIN as a Subscriber company to the Technology Acceleration Programmes (TAPs) scheme.

Listen to this episode and hear Marc explain the business of MPG and how their nano coating technology came to use in disposable face-masks.

Episode 3: Marc Jacobs from the Molecular Plasma Group

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