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Delivering sustainable technologies through collaboration

Industrial engagement with SMEs through to multi-nationals


Technology Acceleration Programmes (TAPs) focus on the innovation interests of TWI, innovation centres and partner organisations. They are collaborations which concentrate on innovation, aimed at developing and introducing new project concepts; novel ideas with industrial engagement, and turning them into successful applications, and ultimately technologies or industrial systems/solutions. 

Work is carried out collaboratively at TWI’s facilities, including those of its innovation centres, as well as at partner organisations' sites, as part of a collaborative project, hence TAPs facilitate access to complementary resources and capabilities.


Abertax is a unique company driven by a passion for research and development, quality, affordability and respect for the environment which creates innovative engineering solutions in fields such as batteries, energy storage systems and renewable energy. The company’s products are taken from concept through to design and production by a dedicated team of engineers with expertise in electrical and electronics, mechanical application, system integration, automation design and implementation as well as IT and networks. Abertax has gained a worldwide reputation for providing innovative, patented products, which are manufactured in house using state-of-the-art electronic assembly and testing, high precision plastic and rubber injection, and toolmaking.

Accent Pro 2000 (AP2K) is an SME based in Romania with its head office in Bucharest. The company specialises in X-ray imaging non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment and technology that has been implemented in several industrial applications, from production facilities for powder metallurgy (PM) and parts for the automotive industry, through to printed electronics for white goods and scanning facilities for security purposes. With over 30 years' experience in its field, AP2K has collaborated across national and international platforms including multinational European funding programmes.

Additive Flow (SME) from London, UK offers a software solution for advanced manufacturing. Starting with the research space for new materials (particularly polymers and composites), the company's technology can progress the development of products by reducing the cost of functional prototypes and improving materials performance towards implementation with maximum impact. The Additive Flow manufacturing suite can be integrated within an industrial framework; opening up new product development possibilities and advanced applications at the outset. Scope of interest includes polymers, composites, 3D printing, additive manufacturing, multi-materials, functional gradients, computational design, and light weighting of new materials with machine intelligence for efficiency, cost, performance and sustainability.

AeonX.AI specialises in artificial intelligence (AI) research and development, homomorphic AI, end-to-end encryption and software development. The team comprises a team of physicists, mathematicians, data scientists, cryptographers and software engineers. AeonX.AI works on AI applications in material engineering, medical data, signal detection, image segmentation, anomaly detection, data security, and homomorphic ML infrastructure. AeonX.AI is the owner of two ‘Secured-by-Design’ data sharing and secured AI software, Aeolia Messenger and AeonX HML, and the application programming interface (API), which are highly customisable for different industrial needs.

Aexus is a 45 person tech and amp; software sales and marketing organisation covering the European market (with offices in Arnhem, Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, London, Prague and Barcelona). The company is entirely focused on the marketing and sales of innovative IT solutions and services. Acting as a dedicated end to end sales and business development partner, Aexus has a proven track record supporting companies from all over the world with their expansion, or initial foothold, into the Benelux, UK, DACH-region, C-/E-Europe and S-Europe. Setting up distribution channels, initiating new sales cycles and accelerating sales processes is their core business. Aexus offers international outreach and capability in areas such as telecommunications, e-commerce, retail and healthcare.

Agility3’s mission is to help industry understand, embrace and utilise interactive 3D technologies, integrate them into their business functions and achieve maximum benefit and value from doing so. The company specialises in the development of virtual 3D content and interactive 3D applications specifically for simulation, visualisation and virtual training projects for a number of different industries and end use cases. Agility3 uses commercially available tools to create bespoke solutions tailored to the requirements of each project for maximum benefit and value. The company has been operating since 2012 when its Directors, working in the Defence sector, saw an opportunity to help wider industry benefit from the modelling and simulation technologies that Defence had been using for many years.

AgriLedger is a blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) systems provider with a focus on agricultural supply chains. The company shows how blockchain technology can revolutionise food safety and security in the context of challenges arising from growing populations and global food supply. AgriLedger uses DLT for the gathering and analysis of information on small-holder farms, determining crop yields, establishing provenance, and facilitating payments and governance with transparent, end-to-end record-keeping.

AiDEAS is a highly innovative, technology and data solutions provider. The company builds machine learning and AI-powered technology to unlock the value hidden in large volume data, reducing the time to find, diagnose and comprehend it, at a speed impossible for humans and generating new insights faster. AiDEAS’ portfolio is built on leading-edge AI technologies, including data mining and machine/deep learning, to enable data-rich and knowledge-lean automation of perception, classification and numeric prediction, as well as manage voluminous amounts of data to discover hidden patterns and value in it. AiDEAS staff comes from different computer science backgrounds with over 15 years’ experience in various industries such as healthcare, Industry 4.0 and oil and gas. The core team is also experienced in managing large, R&D, EU projects within a growing European network of universities, research centres, SMEs and large enterprises. Aideas joined TWIIN’s Technology Acceleration Programme (TAPs) in 2019.

Air Liquide is a multinational company with global reach and a world leader in industrial gases and related services, operating in many industry sectors including transport, medical, chemical and engineering to name a few. The company has joined the TWI Innovation Network as an innovation accelerator with intent to explore potential collaborations with TWI across wider European platforms such as Horizon 2020 and its successors.

As a service provider to major car makers and an expert SME on applications of quality control, process control and robot guiding with machine vision technologies; AKU have become an industrial member of TWI as an innovation accelerator through an Accelerated Innovation Programme with a view to participate in the network activities for a long term collaboration with TWI.

Alpha Electro Technology have joined the TWI Innovation Network as an innovation accelerator and long term collaborator across the innovation platforms in the UK. Alpha E-Technology have significant experience from offshore industry - particularly in power systems, electronics, design and installations for end user requirements. They have significantly contributed to renewable energy projects such as bespoke tidal turbines for electricity generation from initial design to field implementation. They have invested efforts in development of inspection and monitoring systems for life management of marine installations including wind turbines. Alpha Electro Technology are looking to engage in the Innovation Network activities, collaborating alongside other members in projects by providing industrial input.

Alta Lab is a contract engineering company in Milan with specialised competencies in electronics design, sensor and image data acquisition and processing, data communication, embedded software and firmware design as well as mechanical design. Alta Lab is particularly skilled in the development of advanced hw/sw architectures including systems for sensors and data acquisition, diagnosis and control, which can be applied in various areas such as automotive, transport and environmental surveillance. Alta Lab are experienced in the development of X-ray systems and sub-systems, including X-ray generators, for application in medical diagnosis, security inspections and industrial NDT, based on advanced X-ray detection, and image reconstruction and processing.

AM 4 AM is a Luxembourg start-up created in July 2019 dedicated to the development, production and commercialisation of new materials for additive manufacturing (AM). The company wants to extend the range of metal powders in this field that can be processed by AM using a new atmospheric plasma technology. AM 4 AM’s first objective is to develop and produce a high mechanical strength aluminium alloy, similar to Al 7075 or 6061, for application in the aeronautic, aerospace and/or automotive sectors.

Arlentus is an SME from Ankara, Turkey which offers services in electronic card designs, software and prototyping, including 3D. The company is active across many industrial applications for wireless communication systems, electronic and mechanical design, prototyping, industrial control, and mechatronics and unmanned control, with a view to helping production processes, improving quality control and increasing efficiency through engineering support. Arlentus has been a recipient of European awards for its design work on its RF control devices.

ASSIST Software is a software outsourcing company (SME) based in Romania that has a strong presence in the international market with over 230 clients around the world. The company was founded in 1992 and, since then, has been on the market as a supplier of innovative solutions, including the delivery of over 400 projects using a variety of technologies. Assist Software has grown to over 160 employees covering roles such as software engineers, QA engineers, project managers, business analysts, solution architects, designers or DevOps. All the development is done on-site in Suceava. They have participated as technological partners in over 15 EU-funded projects on consortiums with over 140 European companies, universities and research institutes. In 2017, Assist were awarded the 1st place in Romania for Research, Development and High-Tech for medium-sized companies by the Chamber of Commerce. They also have several high-profile partnerships (e.g. Microsoft, Amazon Web Services and Intel). Assist Software have come aboard the TWI Innovation Network as an innovation accelerator to further collaborative relations.

Established in 1992 and based in Sheffield, they are operational in the field of powder metallurgy and the world’s leading supplier of atomising technology and equipment. ASL produce metal powders and also supply equipment to customers covering a number of different atomising technologies, including, centrifugal atomisation, gas atomisation, ultrasonic atomisation and water atomisation. In addition, ASL use these technologies to supply over 2500 tonnes of metal powders per annum to a global client base. Their batch sizes can be up to 25 tonnes and they have rigorous quality control procedures for all products adhering to BS ISO 9001:2008 standards of quality management. ASL is an innovation active SME and are committed to research and development investment, therefore ensuring clients can benefit from the most efficient processes possible. ASL also undertake contract research for clients, working with them to solve technical challenges in the powder and atomising fields. ASL has joined TWI Innovation Network for exploring potential activities within TAP.

Avon are an SME from Dorset, England, specialising in the design and manufacture of transformers, inductors and associated wound magnetic components for several industry sectors: Transport (Aero), Civil, and Medical - with uses as instrumentation, audio, broadcast and process control. Avon Magnetics offers a build to print service for a range of products: transformers, sensor coils with applications for trigger, pulse, high voltage, switched mode with a range of finishes including impregnation and encapsulation. Avon Magnetics have become an innovation accelerator with a view to collaborate across the UK and wider Europe through the AIP of the TWI Innovation Network.

Avon Rubber is an innovative technology group, which designs and produces specialist products and services to maximise the performance and capabilities of its customers. We specialise in Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear ("CBRN") and respiratory protection systems, as well as milking point solutions through our two businesses Avon Protection and milkrite | InterPuls. Avon Protection is the recognised global leader in advanced CBRN respiratory protection systems for the world’s Military, Law Enforcement and Fire markets. Milkrite | InterPuls is a global leader providing complete milking point solutions to farmers across the world with the aim of improving every farm it touches. Avon Is keen to take advantage of the Technology Accelerator Programmes and the TWI Innovation Network to explore new technologies and expertise for future generation products

Bekumo is a London based product (software) company that helps companies to develop new solutions and strategies. They have a creative and experienced team of professionals who all have an established background in telecommunications systems, services, web & mobile. Their services include connected sensors, smartphone applications, collection and management of data from sensors, managing devices and control platforms with an approach of "any data any device" in the areas of mobile tele communications (5G, 4G, 3G), connectivity (location, SIMs, MNOs, OEMs), AI, application and platform development as well as data management and data security. Bekumo, as a SME, is willing to collaborate with TWI and its innovation network as a technology accelerator.

The Linde Group is a world leading supplier of industrial, process and speciality gases. Linde products and services can be found in nearly every industry around the globe (>100 countries). In the UK and Ireland BOC has been producing atmospheric gases, including oxygen, nitrogen and argon for over 120 years. Its portfolio today includes thousands of different gases and mixtures, as well as related equipment and services. Internationally BOC is a member of The Linde Group. BOC Linde, UK has joined the Technology Accelerator Programme (TAP) of TWI Innovation Network (TWIIN), which nurtures opportunities for innovation projects and collaborations.

Founded in 1944, Borusan is a large Holding based in Turkey, with the Borusan Energy Group forming a large segment of the company's operations. The organisation as a whole is involved in a variety of sectors including the energy market, steel production and manufacturing, logistics and distribution. Borusan EnBW Enerji, with headquarters in Istanbul, was founded in 2009 as a joint venture between EnBW, Germany and Borusan, and its goal is to expand the energy generating capacity in Turkey. Borusan EnBW Enerji holds a renewables-based portfolio that includes wind energy and hydroelectric power plants. It is seeking to reduce the operational costs of its renewable energy sites to increase its competitiveness over conventional power generation assets.

Business Logic is operating since 2008 and our team consists of 80 experienced professionals. They are focused on the creation and implementation of complex software solutions. They have experience with FinTech, InsureTech solutions, but also with e-commerce projects (B2C, B2B), CRM and customizable products for various industry fields. For 14 years Business Logic have been a leading supplier of software solutions (ERP, intranet, BI, mobile applications, real estate systems, CRM) for Fincentrum a.s., one of the leading financial and consulting firms in the Czech and Slovak Republic. Business Logic are keen to collaborate on potential developments and also participate in activities, including cross-sector translations of their expertise and approach for new applications, in the UK and across wider Europe as an accelerator of the TWI Innovation Network.

Cambridge Carbon Capture Ltd (CCC) is an early-stage clean-technology venture company based in Cambridge, UK, developing a breakthrough, profitable technology solution to industrial CO2 capture and storage. Their CO2LOC technology is an IP-protected advanced CO2 mineralisation technology process producing a number of valuable by-products, which have the potential of more than offsetting the cost of carbon capture. CO2LOC technology can enable new mining opportunities, clean up industrial processes, enable zero carbon power generation and enable bulk hydrogen production from natural gas with zero emissions. CCC have joined the TWI Innovation Network as an innovation accelerator for exploring future collaborations across the UK and Europe.

Cambridge Hacklab Academy (CHA) is a comprehensive educational institution based in Cambridge, United Kingdom. It is dedicated to nurturing talents in science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics as well as both curriculum improvement and development. CHA also provides international long-term and short-term exchange programmes, winter and summer camps, as well as other services to international students and professionals. CHA have joined the TWIIN’s TAP platform for closer collaborations with TWI and its ICs hence.

As a laser welding specialist company with established operations in the UK as well as new facilities in France, Carrs Welding Technologies Ltd is an Industrial Member of TWI now looking to enhance benefits through an Accelerated Innovation Programme. Carrs will be collaborating with TWI to explore new techniques and further enhance its capabilities.

Castalia is a technical consultancy focusing on the commercialisation of innovative technologies across a wide range of sectors. The company’s consultants have been working with industry and academia for more than 30 cumulative years, helping researchers, start-ups and leading industrial partners secure non-dilutive funding and turn radical ideas into commercial success stories. The company’s own expertise in developing data-driven solutions to challenging problems across a wide range of sectors, including robotics solutions for non-destructive testing (NDT) and manufacturing, healthcare and medical devices, energy production, precision agriculture, rapid prototyping, and data analysis and visualisation, makes them the ideal partner in the journey from idea to market.

The Cast Metals Federation (CMF) is the trade association for the UK castings industry. CMF Members come from every part of the industry and produce around 85% of all castings produced in the UK. From global foundry groups to small jobbing foundries, Members supply precision finished parts and assemblies in a range of sizes, metals and processes to global markets, valued at over £2.2 billion. For manufacturers across the world seeking the ‘best of British casting’, the CMF provides a single point of contact, whether for sourcing castings for every application and market sector, or for general information on the activities of the UK Foundry Industry.

Cedar Metals are specialists in powder metallurgy in particular the production, fabrication and uses of refractory metals, corrosion resisting materials and rare earths from mine to finished products. Also in semi-solid-state metals processing, anti-oxidation coating technology, furnace design and construction and friction stir welding with interests in ultrasonics and related materials interactions such as cleaning and field assisted materials processing. The organisation has joined TWI as an Industrial Member to pursue an Accelerated Innovation Programme.

Central Scanning is a SME that provide 3D scanning equipment from Artec 3D and Zeiss. They provide a full 3D Scanning and 3D printing service from their facility in Bromsgrove, West Midlands and they can scan very small parts to trains, planes, automobiles and buildings! Central Scanning help companies by providing them with CAD models and inspection reports to validate products and as part of their design maturation process. Their 3D printing allows them to manufacture prototypes in a variety of polymer based materials thus helping companies get their new products to market faster. Central Scanning have joined the TWI Innovation Network-TWIIN for participating in the Technology Acceleration activities and collaborate with TWI and its innovation centres.

Choate Technology Services (CTS) is a UK based SME, situated in Cambridge and specialising in petroleum and offshore engineering as their core capabilities, with an established track record of many successfully completed engineering projects for major clients worldwide. Expertise includes drilling, offshore engineering, geomechanics, energy production, development, and the support and use of advanced analytical and numerical simulation tools. CTS are experienced in operational feasibility and risk and reliability assessment in extreme engineering environments and also hold experience in evaluation, market assessment and technology transfer of space technologies as part of their portfolio of related industrial activities. CTS are keen to collaborate across the UK, Europe and international platforms as an innovation accelerator, particularly in light of their involvement across energy, offshore, and space sectors.

The Industrial Internet of Things offers a potential for a paradigm technological shift. It can expand the horizons for automating, monitoring and analysing industrial processes that can significantly and positively impact organisations. Investigative as well as performance monitoring now available at substantial lower costs than traditional means, allowing for higher granularity of new data insights Concept13 is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of sensor and network technology based on Low Power Wide Area Networks. This the driving force behind IIoT 4.0. Concept13 delivers the expertise, sensors and networks to drive the advantages IIot is set to deliver. They work with industry, agriculture and business to help companies fully release the potential of this technology. Concept13 have joined the TWI Innovation Network as an industrial accelerator for collaborating on innovation and technology with TWI and its innovation centres in a unique industrial setting.

Consortiq, an SME in the UK, are expert drone professionals and market leaders; providing bespoke and innovative unmanned technology solutions for businesses worldwide. Their mission is to connect all autonomous robotic ecosystems to undertake complex missions without human input. Consortiq have been introduced to the accelerated innovation programme with a view to consider joint collaborative applications, activities and potential developments in the UK and wider Europe as an industrial participant in the TWI Innovation Network.

Coşkunöz Holding was founded in 1950 in Turkey, and is now a significant enterprise contributing added value to the automotive supply industry. It has domestic and foreign investments in the air-conditioning, defence, aviation, energy, environment technologies and informatics sectors. The company’s Research and Development Centre has over 60 researchers who create solutions for customers, and it has been accredited as a co-designer by local and international OEMs such as Volkswagen, Renault, Ford and Fiat. R&D experience includes light weight and/or cost effective component development with different materials such as new generation high strength steels, non ferritic alloys and composite materials, joining techniques such as laser and friction stir welding, customised products with combined metal and rubber materials, and additive and hybrid manufacturing.

CRD, specialists of industrial control systems, from Turkey have joined the TWI Innovation Network as an innovation accelerator to closely collaborate on developments and access new opportunities with a multi sectoral approach. CRD capabilities and products include instrumentation for non-destructive testing (NDT), quality control, automation solutions and other universal test equipment, as well as industry 4.0 packages including imaging solutions for production facilities internationally. CRD have been serving the industry, e.g. automotive, food and manufacturing, as a large enterprise with an extensive work force and distribution network.

CRD Technology Ltd. is a new SME established in the UK for accelerating innovation in several subject areas of interest, particularly; machine learning, artificial intelligence, process control for smart manufacturing, advanced applications of robotics and automation for production systems, as well as associated materials technologies and NDT applications alongside modern Quality Control implementations. CRD Technology have strong links with several industry sectors namely transport, construction & engineering, agricultural & food, as well as creative industries. CRD Technology are looking to participate in the accelerated innovation programmes as an industrial SME partner with a particular focus in the UK for accessing innovation and industrial applications, collaborating with TWI and its innovation centres in developing the next generation technologies.

CyberCare assists a wide range of individuals and their families, organisations and business owners who have been targeted by cybercriminals, need to maximise their protection and/or have particular needs for online security as a result of their high profile or net worth. The company's teams of multi-disciplinary experts assess the security risks of individuals, communities and smart homes, and show individuals how to secure their personal or workplace devices. CyberCare also provides cyber awareness education and cyber technology re-configuration services.

As an SME in the UK looking to offer remote monitoring solutions for transport and energy/petrochemical sectors, Dashboard has begun an Accelerated Innovation Programme with TWI to collaborate strategically for innovation and growth.

Decorus Tubes Ltd is a UK SME with production capabilities central to Europe. The company has a strong market drive for the application of metallic, e.g. aluminium, tubes in various shapes and forms, and with differing properties, both structural and surface, that have decorative, structural and weight reducing capabilities. This makes them sought after and used in several applications including architectural projects in construction and infrastructure, and in the transport sector including maritime and automotive.

Delphisonic INC has been developing pioneering artificial intelligence for instruments and measurement applications, and cloud-based software solutions, for railway, wind turbine, marine, aviation, oil and gas, and industrial manufacturing processes since 2016. The focus is on customers who benefit from their technical expertise and more than seven years’ tried and tested experience in industrial measurement technology, with medium-sized companies, world renowned industrial groups, research laboratories, authorities and universities placing their trust in Delphisonic. With innovations patented worldwide, the company’s skills include product development and design, and engineering know-how, and their aim is to supply their global customers with intelligent, universal big data analytics equipment and user-friendly cloud-based software, achieved through ongoing technological progress.

Destek Patent is a multinational legal practice, established in 1983, that provides intellectual property (IP) services including trademarks, patents, industrial designs, new plant varieties and more, and is especially renowned for its European Patent (EP) validation services, patent annuity and trademark renewal services. The company has a workforce of 200+ qualified staff, including 50 patent and trademark attorneys, across 15 branches in three countries, spearheaded from their headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey. Its international network enables Destek Patent to support domestic and international clients with large to small-scale assignments, fully adapted to their particular needs, whether representing an entrepreneur, corporation, organisation or law firm, with every IP proceeding, worldwide.

Dortsifir Endustriyel, an SME from Bursa, Turkey, joined the TWI Innovation Network with the intention of extending their collaborative activities in a strategic fashion and building up relationships for growth. Dortsifir Endustriyel provides services in industry 4.0, specifically process integration, improvement, control and assurance for manufacturing operations across several industry sectors and supply chains. The company is the major distributor in Turkey, particularly covering the south Marmara region, for Kennametal, a major enterprise in cutting tools and related materials with an international standing.

DTK Electronics is a Bulgarian SME specialising in the design and production of, and provision of services in, equipment and components for telecommunications networks. Through partnering with various international technology organisations, universities and research and development centres, the company has been involved in developing the hardware for numerous new technological inventions.

DZP Technologies is a leading developer of electronic inks, pastes and adhesives for printed flexible and hybrid electronics, IoT sensors, 3D structural electronics and other emerging applications. The company offers a range of specialty products including conductive silver and carbon inks, graphene dispersions and inks, carbon nanotube inks and various customised formulations. DZP Technologies is renowned for its water-based, zero-VOC (volatile organic compound) inks, which have low environmental impact, in addition to significantly reduced manufacturing costs and enabling electronics for novel form factors. The company has joined TWIIN to explore new collaboration and innovation opportunities with other members of the Network and with Innovation Centres across TWI.

Eastpoint, a SME from Cambridge, UK, is a highly experienced, innovative digital products and software engineering consultancy. Expert in delivering exploitable solutions for projects at all stages from research and development to in-market evolution. Eastpoint have joined the Technology Acceleration Programme (TAP) of TWIIN to closely collaborate with TWI and its innovation centres (ICs) across the UK and European platforms.

Elatek Rubber Industry and Trade Co. Inc. produces and designs rubber compounds and hoses, and rubber formed parts, blow moulded and thermoformed plastic pipes, and cold formed metal pipes, at its integrated, 22.000 sqm area facilities, as a Tier supplier mainly to the OEMs. Elatek, which supports its customers with its engineering infrastructure and can manufacture all molds and production equipment within its moulding room, is a developer supplier that adds value to the automotive industry.

Eklegein Evolution based in London is an establishment (SME) with an agile, creative initiative with associates, partners and talent from around the globe. Their strategic focus is voice in Human Computer Interaction - Conversationally interactive platform/gateway driven by Virtual Empowerers (Personas). As a specialist consultancy, Eklegein use interpretive and emergent technologies, innovative project development and management, concept & content creation, IoT (5G). Their disciplines include a diverse range of mediums to create narratives for real or virtual 3D spaces. Eklegein Evolution’s Style is ‘Art House’ to Commercial to Social with output in the formats of Print, Digital, 3D, Holographic, Volumetric, VR/AR/ MR, CUI. Eklegein operate in the following sectors: Health, Life Sciences, Education, Arts & Technology, Entertainment, Media, Heritage and Culture. Eklegein Evolution have expressed interest in the activities of TWI Innovation Network for potential collaborations and project applications alongside TWI and its innovation centres as an innovation accelerator.

EMKO Elektronik from Turkey is a major Tier 1 supplier (SME) of measurement/control systems and a leader in electronics. EMKO has signed up for an Accelerated Innovation Programme with TWI to collaborate on innovation. The AIP will focus on areas of interest such as control devices and automation, instrumentation/remote solutions.

As an SME in Italy offering NDT services and structural health monitoring solutions for transport and energy/petrochemical sectors, ETS Sistemi has signed up for an Accelerated Innovation Programme with TWI to collaborate strategically for innovation and growth.

ExUS-GW Ltd are a UK company established to provide solutions for antifouling through state of the art instrumentation using ultrasonics; a method that is applicable to marine, water treatment, food, power and chemical industries. ExUS has strong background supporting these application fields with experience in management of inspection services for marine, combined with operational knowledge of process industries (water, fluids), and related instrumentations. ExUS have become an innovation accelerator as a SME for participating in innovation activities through the AIP & demonstrate their capabilities though potential collaborative developments.

Floteks, a major Tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry and a leader in rotomoulding technology, has become an Industrial Member of TWI as part of an Accelerated Innovation Programme. The AIP will focus on particular areas of interest for development such as quality control and condition monitoring.

FlotechUK, an SME specialising in plastics, processing, and manufacturing as well as design and engineering of products associated with polymers, from feedstock to end use and recycling including testing, inspection, quality control and life cycle management for several applications notably; transport (e.g. automotive; fuel tanks), construction (e.g. manholes for infrastructure management) have joined the TWI Innovation Network as industrial innovation accelerators. FlotechUK, who are based near Cambridge, have knowhow/technology in rotomoulding and related applications including aspects of automation, process control and instrumentation. They are keen to collaborate across the UK innovation platforms, particularly building on capabilities with an international outlook, and hence are participants in the Accelerated Innovation Programme.

FNSS is a globally recognized land systems company that specializes in designing and producing wheeled and tracked armoured vehicles as well as high performance engineering vehicles, turrets and sustainability solutions. As the solution provider of choice for users in various countries, the Company has delivered so far more than 4000 such vehicles worldwide. A TWI industrial member since 2016, FNSS have also joined the TWI Innovation Network-TWIIN as a technology accelerator, and are keen to collaborate on innovation projects with TWI and its innovation centres and the unique industrial setting with an international composition and an applied outlook.

FRS Robotics is a Belgian engineering innovation partner (SME) for companies in the automotive and other advanced manufacturing industries who are looking for flexible solutions and services to automate manual skilfull processes with robots. One of the core services and solutions of FRS Robotics is Ultrasonic Robotic Quality Control, which has been demonstrated for vehicle doors. FRS Robotics delivers a unique combination of adaptive robot control software with integration and engineering services. FRS Robotics solutions include both human-robot collaborative and fully automated robotic applications. FRS have joined TWIIN to participate in technology acceleration through collaboration with TWI and its innovation centres across many industrial applications.

Fullagar is a joint-venture between Lloyd’s Register, one of the world’s leading providers of professional services for engineering and technology, and TWI. The venture aims to provide innovative, market-leading, non-destructive examination (NDE) and testing solutions focusing on: remote inspection, incorporating smart sensors, of surface and sub-surface integrity in new and in-service components and assets in hazardous environments; the commercialisation of additive manufacturing (AM) tools and processes, including verification and certification; and use of data-driven automation of fabrication methods to replace manual operations, through a digital, internet of things (IoT) and Industry 4.0 manufacturing drive. Fullagar delivers these solutions into a variety of markets with commercial sales of hardware and software solutions, and product supply or manufacturing licenses, direct to client or via distributor networks.

GAIA Energy Projects test, verify and guide projects for decentralized energy solutions from the idea to market entry, in order to close the gap between investor and inventor. GAIA Energy Projects Ltd operates an advanced R&D programme for maximising the potential of inventions. They have joined the acceleration programme (TAP) as a SME industrial participant with a view to explore potential collaborative developments with TWI and its innovation centres across TWIIN.

Gearing Scientific (a SME from Isle of Wight, UK) are specialists in thermal testing. Their test capabilities include thermal conductivity of most materials from 0 to 250°C, Thermal expansion CTE of solids from <<-100 to 1000°C. DMA for glass transitions of composites and polymers and relative stiffness data at certain vibration frequencies. Their expert services also include DSC for purity and specific heat measurements (including composites and non-homogeneous materials), TGA to complete the thermal analysis suite for thermal degradation studies. They have joined TWIIN for participation across TAP and related activities, with potential collaborations across the network.

GenCell backup and off-grid energy solutions offer affordable, reliable and clean power. Using the ultra-reliable AFC technology that powers American and Russian spacecraft, we deliver backup power for utilities, homeland security, healthcare and mission-critical applications. Our new innovative energy supply system based on ammonia (NH3) as fuel enables us to sustainably power off-grid and poor-grid telecom towers as well as rural electrification. GenCell has more than 90 employees. The company is headquartered in Israel with a worldwide distribution and support network and has unique intellectual property that includes patents, trade-secrets and know-how.

Genedata transforms data into intelligence with innovative software solutions that support large-scale, experimental processes in life science research. Founded in 1997, Genedata delivers enterprise solutions for data analytics that streamline R&D workflows and improve research productivity in biopharmaceutical research, development and precision medicine. Today, most of the leading pharmaceutical, agrochemical and biotechnology companies, as well as some of the most innovative life science research institutions, rely on Genedata for their data analyses and informatics needs. Headquartered in Switzerland with offices throughout Europe, the USA, and Asia, Genedata is privately held and employs more than 200 scientific and computational experts. Collaborating with global leaders in life science industries, Genedata combines its computational, scientific and technical expertise with significant domain knowledge to deliver user-friendly solutions that are scalable, open, and aligned with industry processes. Genedata is passionate about helping customers control R&D costs as they develop safe, next-generation products and therapies.

With their latest super yacht recently launched at the London on Water boat show, Glider Yachts are looking to collaborate through an accelerated innovation programme (AIP) as a member of the TWI Innovation Network.

GMI is a leading SME in the composite repair solutions sector since 30 years, having developed equipment and methodologies for composite manufacturing, aircraft maintenance and repair, together with engineering solutions, training and field support services. GMI continuously upgrades a series of portable composite repair equipment for Innovative solutions for the NDT, surface preparation and curing of bonded composite repairs, fulfilling the specifications of repair performance within hangars, repair workshops or even "on-wing". This equipment is proposed in the Structural Repair Manuals (SRMs) of major aircraft manufactures (Airbus, Boeing, ATR, Embraer, Bombardier, Dassault etc.). GMI participates into several European R&D projects in the area of bonded composite repairs. GMI have joined the TWIIN as a Technology Accelerator for related collaborations..

Grove Nanomaterials is a spin-out company (SME) set up by Swansea University in the UK to exploit the University's scaled-up nanoparticle beam deposition technology. Identified applications for this solvent-free process include green manufacturing of catalysts for pharma, electrodes for batteries and valorisation of CO2. Grove Nanomaterials joined the Network for collaborative project opportunities.

HashCode was created around the idea of uncompromised excellence in attacking difficult problems that are “impossible to solve”. The company comprises a team of highly skilled mathematicians and computer scientists with experience in process optimisation, and automation in telecoms, logistics and other industries. The most challenging problems require courage to face them, intelligence and analytical skills to seize them, innovativeness to spot the best solution and the knowledge to develop it, and persistence not to give up. With the right team the quest for solutions becomes fun, and the rewarding feeling when the problem is resolved overshadows the effort and pain involved.

Haydale is a global technology solutions company passionate about creating the next generation of advanced materials. Haydale bring together cutting-edge technology with engineering know-how to enhance the performance of products and materials thus delivering business value for our customers. Innovation underpins everything they do. ( . Haydale joined TWIIN’s TAP platform for potential collaborations thus.

HeadChannel is a UK-based, software development company which, for over 15 years, has been developing innovative, top-notch, software solutions for the bespoke needs of its SME and blue-chip clients. The company has built all sorts of custom software, from dynamic websites to complex web-based and mobile applications, and is an official UK Government and BBC supplier, Innovate UK fund winner and exclusive provider to Westminster City Council. HeadChannel, as partners for innovation, always aim to give their clients, which include the NHS, NHS Property Services, HS2, Mitsubishi Group and The William Pears Group, a competitive advantage in business.

TWI industrial member Hilti Corporation, a multi national company employing roughly 27,000 team members in over 120 countries with their HQ in Liechtenstein, has joined the Accelerated Innovation Programme of the TWI Innovation Network as innovation accelerators. Hilti develops and manufactures products, software and services for the professional construction industry and other sectors including engineering, energy, mining and minerals exploration. With a strong heritage in power tool design, development and manufacture, today a Hilti tool system and solution can be found in almost any engineering operation across the globe. Hilti is participating in the TWI Innovation Network to explore potential collaborative projects across a wide range of technologies.

Hi-Spec Systems Ltd. joined the TWI innovation network as an innovation accelerator to explore potential collaborative programmes, both nationally and internationally, in light of their unique capabilities and products. Hi-Spec Systems specialises in the design and manufacture of innovative ultrasonic non-destructive testing (NDT) inspection systems used in a wide variety of industrial applications. This award-winning British company is a world leader in the design of phased array, time of flight diffraction and conventional ultrasonic inspection systems. The company has also diversified their technology portfolio into subsea NDT systems and inspection systems for autonomous robotics.

Founded in 2002 in Athens, iKnowHow (IKH) is a Greek SME that provides custom-built robotics and automation solutions to industry, and software solutions to the public and private sectors. During 2016, IKH merged with Innora, a highly innovative robotics and control company, and has since transformed into a one-stop-shop when it comes to robotics, embedded systems, internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI),machine learning and computer vision combined into data-driven intelligence. IKH transfers its in-house innovations to the market, having already launched a robotic magnetic crawler for decarbonisation of the shipping industry in 2021, and prepares new product ranges on an ongoing basis.

İletişim Yazılım has been working on business and production efficiency improvement solutions since it was founded in 1994. The company provides clients across Turkey with information systems solutions based on advanced technologies with a flexible program structure. Iletisim Yazilim offers productivity-enhancing 'Smart Factory solutions', notably in major manufacturing hubs, and produces sector-independent solutions for various industries ranging from food to pharmaceutical, and textiles to chemical and automotive. The company also accelerates customers' transition to industry 4.0 with their software systems CoralReef and ManageMind, which can work with various enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems in an integrated manner.

The Imagination Factory is a product design and creative engineering agency that is on a mission to make stuff that matters. They unlock new design solutions for businesses and pioneer new innovative ventures. The team embraces Human-Centred Design at the core of every challenge and works in collaboration with clients and partners to find the best solutions. Projects often require the blending of creative, scientific and technical skills all within the context of understanding human behaviour. This has led to innovations in railway technology, wearable AR, medical devices and IoT products.

Impact Solutions is a UKAS accredited test laboratory and R&D Centre. Impact is a market leader for testing across a range of industries from automotive, aerospace and battery tech through to packaging, biodegradability and recycling. The company has a global client base, working throughout the supply chain with material manufacturers and product developers. Impact has extensive experience in technology innovation, in particular for sustainable and recycling technologies, and regularly works with manufacturers and recyclers to close the gap in the circular economy through its work as the Scottish Plastic Recycling Centre of Excellence.

Imperial Speciality Metals Europe is the European R&D partner of Imperial Mining Group Ltd. Imperial Mining Group is a Canadian-based metals, and minerals mining, exploration and development company with interests in copper, gold and technology metals, notably scandium. Imperial recently established a regional office in Cambridge, UK. The Corporation is keen to collaborate across the TWI Innovation Network as an innovation accelerator. Group interests span from metals (e.g. light metals, rare earth/refractory metals), related alloys and composites as well as assembly and manufacturing techniques for leading-edge applications. Imperial is looking to participate in collaborative research projects in the UK and the EU through the Accelerated Innovation Programme (AIP) alongside TWI, its innovation centres and its innovation partners.

Innerspec is a multinational innovative SME with their European headquarters in Madrid (Spain).With more than 50 patents and a world-class team of research and development and application engineers, Innerspec offers unique NDT solutions for nearly all industrial sectors including primary metals manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, oil & gas, shipbuilding, and the nuclear industry. Innerspec actively promotes collaboration with research institutions and companies for industrial development of new NDT applications and products. Innerspec has been awarded the "Innovative SME" certification by the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness. They are willing to extend collaborations across the TWI Innovation Network as an industrial accelerator.

A leading SME from Turkey offering inspection services and developing solutions combining NDT and robotics for power, construction and engineering, petrochemical sectors, Integrity NDT will be working with TWI on an Accelerated Innovation Programme.

Intellegens is a spin-out from the University of Cambridge that has developed a unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) method for training neural networks from incomplete data. The method has already been applied to drug discovery and material design and it can be applied to many domains where there is big, yet incomplete, data for deep learning. Intellegens Ltd, as a local SME with their proprietary method, have been introduced to the TWI Innovation Network as an innovation accelerator with an interest in exploring potential collaborations across the UK and wider European platforms for joint developments.

Innvotek helps clients develop their ideas into disruptive, innovative solutions and transform them into viable commercial opportunities. The company offers in-depth knowledge of grant funding and expertise in leveraging investment for new product development. Innvotek has supported more than 500 clients and raised more than £100 million in funding over the past ten years. Its 360 degree innovation platform is built around the complete innovation lifecycle which is focused on moving ideas and research outputs from the drawing board to the market. Innvotek engineers create bespoke robotic solutions to overcome real-world challenges in a wide range of industries including offshore, agriculture, manufacturing, and digital. They boost disruptive innovation in technology by driving forward collaborative R&D projects. The company also provide technical consultancy in the fields of robotics, automation and data science.

IRIS is an advanced engineering company; a SME specialized in process monitoring, control, and optimization. The company was established in 2007 and has employed 50+ staff. IRIS is based in Barcelona and is fully equipped with engineering, optical and electronics workshops, and a food chemistry lab. IRIS offer process monitoring and control solutions commercially for chemical analyses and defect detection based on Near-InfraRed (NIR), HyperSpectral Imaging (HSI), AI and cloud solutions for enterprise management. They are actively pursuing optical and spectroscopic technologies for in/on-line process monitoring, Data Processing & Information Systems as well as Novel and sustainable processing technologies (e.g. ultrasound). IRIS have ISO 9001:2008 and UNE-EN-ISO 166002 certifications. IRIS have joined the TWIIN to participate in the technology acceleration activities, and explore projects in collaboration with TWI and its innovation centres.

An experienced SME in the UK and industrial solution provider across the transport, construction and engineering sectors, Jackweld has signed up for an Accelerated Innovation Programme with TWI to develop existing collaborations across the UK and European platforms, and to become a part of the TWI Innovation Network.

Kaplam was established in April 2005 to produce plastic injection parts in Bursa, Demirtaş Organised Industrial Region (OSB). With its renewed partnership structure in 2008, Kaplam moved its operations to new plant in Karacabey OSB, based on investment for the automotive industry, with a closed area of 13.000 m2 built on 17.000 m2 of land. Kaplam serves its customers with a broad range of fully robotic and new injection machines in the closing power range of 50–2000 tons. Production equipment is guaranteed to work with dimensional precision and tolerance range, in accordance with customers’ expectations, especially in the automotive sector.

New member KCC is a food packaging business with a market leading alternative to plastic food packaging. Its riji product has been developed over the past decade and is based on using natural plant fibres like sugar cane waste called bagasse and coating it with a food safe compostable moisture barrier which makes it ideal for ready meals requiring shelf life for the supermarket sector. The coated trays perform well at high temperatures not possible with existing plastic ready meal trays, does not melt and can still be recycled as paper fibre or composted including at home. Based in Eastleigh Hampshire just north of Southampton KCC’s factory is installing purpose-built machinery and equipment to enable cost-effective volume production and is prepared to take part in Innovation Network activities as an innovation accelerator as it explores potential collaborations

KLB EXPERT SRL, a SME from Romania, focuses on technology transfer, research and innovation management and policy. The company provides research and innovation services to companies and is deeply involved in the development, monitoring and evaluation of, in particular, European Policy for research and innovation. Technical capabilities include testing and related analyses. Specific activities include audits for buildings and installations, training in energy efficiency of buildings, drawing business plans for technical societies and project management for European Projects. KLB Expert's technical department has 17 years experience in energy efficiency of buildings through research and teaching activity and publishing scientific papers, 26 years experience in mechanical engineering, optimization of mechanical parts, Finite Element Analysis, Mechanical System Modelling, 8 years experience in Seismology, Dynamics and Seismic Response, Buildings Safety. KLB's Other services include expert evaluation of over 250 grant applications for European funds - Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013, DMI 1.2, "Support for investments in energy efficiency of housing blocks" in the ADR SV Oltenia, as well as management of National Programmes regarding RESEARCH ON INCREASING ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN CIVIL ENGINEERING. KLB Expert have joined TWIIN's TAP initiative for collaboration on European projects with TWIIN.

Kobelco Welding of Europe B.V. (KWE) is a modern manufacturer of Flux Cored Wire (FCW) which was established in 1994 under license from Kobe Steel Ltd. Benefiting from Kobe Steel Ltd’s almost 80 years of expertise in welding consumables, Kobelco Welding of Europe B.V. has established itself as a leading producer and supplier of flux cored wire for stainless and carbon steel. The wide range of welding consumables covers almost the entire market for stainless and carbon steel. To satisfy market demand for other welding consumables besides FCW, KWE provides a wide range of consumables manufactured by Kobe Steel Ltd. Kobelco welding consumables are used for welding operations all over the world. Industries such as shipbuilding, offshore, construction and many other industrial sectors rely on Kobelco welding consumables. KWE have joined the Innovation Network as an Innovation Accelerator and TWI Industrial Member, with an interest in collaborative initiatives that they can take part in across European platforms.

Kongsberg Ferrotech is a robotics company based in the heart of the Norwegian subsea valley that designs and manufactures game changing subsea robots for the oil and gas industry. With a team of experienced industry engineers, materials specialists and corrosion experts, the company has created a family of robots unlike anything the industry has seen before. Oktapous, Nautilus and Exoskeleton are autonomous robots for inspection, repair and maintenance (IRM) of subsea assets such as risers, piers, shore-cross pipelines and flowlines. They are able to perform maintenance of subsea equipment in one single operation, without the need for divers and other conventional equipment.

Liberty Powder Metals is a powder metals supplier and innovation incubator established by Liberty Steel and is supported by the Tees Valley Combined Authority. The company is a part of the global metal trading and industrial group Liberty House Group who are a member of the GFG Alliance. Situated at Teesside, Liberty Powder Metals have a Vacuum Induction Gas Atomiser (VIGA) equipped with an anti-satellite system that is used to produce high quality, highly spherical Ni alloy and steel powders, which exhibit very few satellites. Liberty Powder Metals produce powders for metal Additive Manufacture (AM) and Powder Metallurgy, Hot Isostatic Pressing (PM HIP) applications and have allocated 25% of production capacity towards research activities. Liberty Powder Metals have joined the TWI Innovation Network to explore collaborative opportunities to develop the field of powder metallurgy, including alloy development, process improvement and the development of novel technologies and applications for powder metals.

Malvern Panalytical Ltd. (a Spectris company), from Malvern Worcestershire, England specialised in materials characterisation equipments and technologies such as powder particle size analysers and instrumentations used across several industry sectors; materials, manufacturing, medical, energy have joined TWI innovation Network as an innovation accelerator to explore potential collaborative opportunities and project developments across the innovation network with TWI, innovation centres-ICs and industrial participants of the accelerated innovation programme-AIP.

Management Data Processing Consultancy (MDC) Ltd is a SME based in London focused on data processing (including statistical, uncertainty, trend and risk analysis), model simulations, algorithms, software development, image processing, visualisation and consultancy. MDC have experience in satellite data processing, retrieval of environmental variables and mapping of natural resources. MDC are users of NASA and ESA satellite data and Earth observation programmes (in the visible, thermal infrared and microwave spectral range), image processing software and models. They have contributed to international (European, ESA, EUMETSAT) projects and programs and they have developed innovative satellite data applications in climate, environmental and atmospheric sciences, security, mapping of natural and oil resources, energy efficiency, land use, agriculture, forestry, urban planning, marine sciences, ship navigation, tracking, and the monitoring of Arctic and remote areas. With skills in project management, delivery of applications in advanced programmes of satellite remote sensing, environmental sciences, natural resources, machine learning and data processing, MDC are looking to join and contribute to collaborative projects and activities as an industrial participant across the TWI Innovation Network.

Marshall Aerospace from Cambridge is a leading, privately owned, independent provider of aerospace and defence solutions. For over 100 years the group has been renowned and respected worldwide for its quality of service, engineering excellence, flexibility and reliability. The group specialises in the conversion and modification of various civil and business aircraft, alongside defence vehicle engineering and shelter design. Its capabilities include engineering design, manufacture and test and the provision of personnel, training and advice. The group is trusted for its performance, integrity and customer focus, demonstrated through the quality, cost and delivery of work they do for their customers. Marshall have joined the AIP as an Industrial Member of TWI, hence becoming an Innovation Accelerator, with a view to explore potential collaborative innovation programmes within the network across the UK and wider Europe.

Martur Fompak, are an automotive parts producer; located in Turkey, Central Europe, Russia and North Africa acting as Tier 1 supplier. In Line with their high volume seat frame productions, they have interest in technological improvements via industry 4.0 concept and implementations. They have joined the TWI Innovation Network as an industrial technology accelerator with a view to collaborate and explore opportunities through innovation activities across wider Europe with a particular focus on control systems for materials manufacturing and metals welding technologies.

Master Filter Ltd is a UK SME looking to offer efficiencies through its products for transport systems eg vehicles. Master Filter has signed up for an Accelerated Innovation Programme with TWI to collaborate on future growth strategy.

MaterialDriven is a design consultancy and materials library focusing on innovative materials, the process of making them and the creators behind them. Working with both established manufacturers and individual makers, MaterialDriven helps bring technically advanced and specialised materials to the design industry, and supports the evolution of emerging materials from prototype through to product. Their educational arm delivers curated exhibitions, talks and workshops on materials innovation and their commercial arm provides consultancy for designers, brands, hospitality and manufacturers. MaterialDriven’s past projects include exhibits, workshops and talks: at institutions such as the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, the Design Museum in London, the Royal College of Art, the University for the Creative Arts and Somerset House; for events including the London Design Festival, the Disruptive Innovation Festival and the Julie’s Bicycle series; and for the Woolmark Company. MaterialDriven has joined the TAP platform to explore opportunities for collaboration.

MAUS GmbH of Karlsruhe Germany have joined the TWI Innovation Network as an innovation accelerator to explore and participate in the Accelerated Innovation Programme (AIP) activities and related opportunities for collaborations across some of the applied project platforms, such as Fast Track Innovation (FTI), amongst other H2020 offerings by the EC. MAUS are specialised in rotational moulding and have been a leader in rotational moulding, operating from central Europe and working with international supply chains for industry sectors such as automotive as well as construction and engineering. MAUS have been making moulds for rotational moulding and offering services as well in terms of coatings for moulds and their design and use. MAUS have also innovated and implemented automation. They have experience in collaboration between research technology organisations, universities and industrial partners, and hence the AIP is of interest for further collaborations on innovative applications.

Maycast-Nokes is a precision engineering company (SME) based in Halstead, Essex. They manufacture precision sand, investment/lost wax and gravity die castings in aluminium and steel. Maycast-Nokes supply fully finished castings for aerospace, defence, automotive and general engineering applications. In addition to their two foundries they operate a simultaneous 5-axis equipped machine shop and their extensive in-house facilities include heat treatment, metallurgy labs, Non-Destructive Testing (PFD, X-Ray) and pattern shops. Maycast-Nokes hold quality certifications for ISO9001:2008, AS9100 REV C and NADCAP (NDT, X-Ray). They are on board the TWI innovation Network as an innovation accelerator for exploring potential collaboration opportunities and innovation projects as part of the Accelerated Innovation Programme (AIP).

MCI (Montage Cablage Installation) based near Paris, France is a specialist manufacturer of firmware prototypes including bespoke designs and system solutions. The organisation has an international approach for innovation and collaboration. With its ability to design and specialise in every stage of small series production and installation, MCI has a number of potential developments underway for industrial demonstration and commercial application across the power sector, in addition to the other sectors such as aerospace and automotive where it already has strong links. MCI's highly capable workforce is keen to benefit from the opportunity to undertake new collaborative project work within the TWI Innovation Network.

Mechdyne Europe Ltd. is a SME, specialised in audiovisual and information technology (AV and IT) design, 3D visualisation and virtual reality applications. Mechdyne has developed a suite of enabling software solutions that will measurably improve information exchange especially among teams working with large data sets, engineering models, visualization workflows, and within (AV/IT) systems. Their visualisation technologies enable benefits of complex display systems, from stereoscopy and clustered computer systems to spatial interaction, haptic force feedback, and more. Mechdyne help to discover new ways to look and interact with data. Mechdyne Europe Ltd. have joined the TWI Innovation Network to participate in the technology acceleration programme activities, as an industrial company in collaboration with TWI and its several innovation centres.

Mikro Biyosistemler Inc, a biomedical microsystems company (SME), was established in 2015 as a spin-off from METU-Ankara, Turkey. The company focuses on developing microfludics and lab-on-a-chip systems for biomedical applications including multi-drug-resistance (MDR) and circulating tumor cells (CTC) detection for early diagnosis and prognosis of cancer. The company's first product was a liquid biopsy platform which uses a simple blood sample for cancer detection and monitoring. Liquid biopsy offers several advantages over surgical biopsy as it is minimally invasive, painless, repeatable, cost effective, independent of tumor tissue availability and enables comprehensive cancer profiling.

MKP Ltd is a Croatian SME based in Zagreb, registered for industrial design, internal and external trade, mediation and representation. It was founded in 1990 and one of its first jobs was to modernise an essential oils production plant in line with PID regulations on the PLC platform. In the last 30 years, MKP Ltd has worked on applications for more than 60 custom made software solutions projects in different industries. In oil and gas this includes process monitoring, analytics, and control software for three-phase stationery and mobile separation units. In civil engineering, it includes monitoring and control software for hydrodynamic tests on 1:40 scale models for harbours, rivers and hydroelectric power plants, and in the pharmaceutical industry, crystallisation process monitoring and control with model building application.

Innovators of atmospheric plasma technology, able to create a wide range of new surface functionalities thanks to their unequalled ability to introduce inorganic as well as organic precursor molecules into the plasma, Luxembourg company Molecular Plasma Group joined as an Industrial Member of TWI to access the Innovation Network and work on an Accelerated Innovation Programme.

Nanografen is an innovative R&D and consulting company, established in 2013 by scientists from Sabanci University and Inovent Company, a subsidiary of Sabanci University, which focuses on the development of thermoset; polyurethane and epoxy based systems, and thermoplastic; such as polypropylene, polyamide 6 and 66, composites by integrating graphene in line with customers’ requirements. Nanografen lowers the cost of graphene by using waste tire as a starting material in the application of recycling and upcycling technology to mass production in the plastic industry. It is also the only company that produces graphene from waste tire at plant scale.

NB Home Solutions, local SME from Cambridge, specialising in architectural design and interior solutions with products manufactured in Germany, Italy and the UK, have joined the TWI Innovation Network with a view to expand upon the collaborative opportunities for innovation on materials and integrated approaches with a combination of properties and surface finishes that can bring new dimensions to design, aesthetics and architecture. With an interest in a sustainable provision of quality products, NB Home Solutions welcome collaborations across the UK and wider Europe and are keen to get involved in participating in projects with commercial expectations.

Nesne Electronic is an award winning Turkish SME founded in 2007 to provide design services for electronics based systems and products. Its team has been active in various areas of product design and development since 1994 under the parent company; today called Nesne Electronic Design and Consultancy. Nesne Electronic has evolved to create its own product portfolio through research and multinational collaboration, in addition to its original function as a provider of custom product development solutions partner. Nesne blends relentless innovative spirit with experience to provide its customers with a seamless product development process from ideation to manufacturing.

Next Engine Technology International originates from New Zealand but has recently established a presence in Cambridge, England to develop closer relations with TWI and its innovation network of technology accelerators; SMEs, end users and innovation centres. Next Engine is attempting to displace current crankshaft and turbine engine technologies with a new engine architecture that offers more. An engine more efficient, reliable, economical and adaptable than anything before it. Our focus will be on establishing an enclave around the technology in Cambridge. Next Engine Technology therefore has joined the TWIIN’s technology acceleration programme (TAP) for wider collaboration and as the first step in the commercialisation pathway.

NPZ is a private UK-based company set up in 2011, specialising in transfer of medical and healthcare technology China and the Western world. Its founders all have scientific and business backgrounds, combining over 90 years experience in the area of cutting-edge bio-science R&D, from the laboratory bench to licensing Personnel in the company speak English and Mandarin fluently, and operate from bases in Cambridge and Canton. The activities undertaken by the company include: supporting new technologies and new markets for existing technologies. Product, project development, identifying manufacturing and market support for new projects, technology transfer programmes. NPZ have joined the technology acceleration platform of the TWIIN for exploring opportunities within.

NQMCyber provides artificial intelligence (AI) powered analytics and cyber security capability in versatile industrial routers and its application programming interfaces (APIs) ensure that new devices and systems can be integrated quickly and securely. The company’s technology has been successfully deployed and tested in many industrial applications including additive manufacturing, welding, predictive maintenance, continuous health monitoring and flexible control systems. NQMCyber technology has also been featured as a TM Forum 5G catalyst case study.

UK company nquiringminds has joined the TWI Innovation Network as part of its Industry 4.0 engagement strategy to foster new industry collaborations. nquiringminds, with its elite team of hardware and software professionals, brings skills in AI powered data analytics and secure data sharing and IOT (Internet of Things). As a unique SME, the company has built digital solutions for remote inspection of equipment, control systems for large-scale operations, and has experience of working with multiple partners across a number of sectors including smart cities/infrastructure and manufacturing (with end-use applications in surface and air transport). It has also nurtured joint country programmes (eg UK-India) for agricultural applications.

Nurol Teknoloji with its most modern and fully automated production facility,is located in Ankara, designing and manufacturing ‘Advanced Technical Materials' since 2008. Nurol Technologies Inc. is equipped with the necessary infrastructure for the production of nano-technology, and also has facilities used in high technology product in accordance with specifications. Nurol offer products in line with the needs of the sector by developing customized solutions to their customers. Nurol Teknoloji serves both local and global markets with almost 100 employees. Their manufacturing site is equipped with the most modern and fully automated equipment. This includes systems that can sinter and hot press up to 2.400 °C, multiple huge continuous furnaces up to 1.700 °C, vacuum furnaces, reaction bonded systems, autoclave ovens, high-tonnage presses and many other machineries together with a fully equipped quality control laboratory for serving their customers for the most advanced, high quality, most economical technical ceramic products. Nurol Teknoloji has joined the TWIIN with a view to participate in the accelerator programmes and collaborate with TWI and its innovation centres through innovation projects (e.g. H2020).

OpTek Systems, based in Oxford England, the global leader for precision laser processing of optical fiber, has joined the TWI Innovation Network as an industrial accelerator for collaborating with TWI and its innovation centres as a member of the technology accelerator programme-TAP. OpTek is a global provider of precision equipment and subcontract manufacturing services for micro-hole drilling, precision cutting, 3D micro-milling, laser scribing and laser processing in a broad range of industrial market. Utilising a wide range of laser types from UV to IR, and many years of experience, OpTek provide services from prototype level through to full-scale production.

OptiRail offers smart automatic train operation (SATO) which can reduce by 25%, the costs that owners and operators of locomotives incur in providing their rolling stock with fuel. SATO is distributed software, with both cloud and on-board parts, which calculates real-time, adaptive and optimal parameters to control the train, either in automatic mode or by displaying the optimal parameters to a train driver in driver advisory system (DAS) mode. Technologies used in SATO are protected by 11 patents worldwide, from the USA to China. OptiRail’s specialists have more than 10 years’ experience in the development and embedding of analogous systems on railways and were the first in the world to develop an automatic control system that performs all computations on locomotive computers without the need for additional hardware.

Over a billion people experience some form of visual impairment. Therefore, with conditions that affect every aspect of their life, from completing everyday tasks and interacting with their families to enjoying once-in-a-lifetime events, the low vision community has difficulty making the most of what the world has to offer. In 2010, the founding members of OXSIGHT began their research at the University of Oxford, exploring how the brain manages visual information and what could be done to amplify this capability in people with visual impairment. Building on the research at Oxford, they went on to establish OXSIGHT in 2016, with the goal of developing innovative solutions for sight degeneration that balance style, functionality and intuitiveness.

Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey is a part of Panasonic Group. Main product groups are wiring devices products like switches and sockets, building automation systems, LV switchgears, smart meters and this products are produced in the company with high capability of designing, manufacturing and testing. Production capacity is 100 million switches and sockets per year in the facilities that have implemented Industrial 4.0 applications with the technological infrastructure. Panasonic Life Solutions Turkey has joined the TWI Innovation Network (TWIIN) for Technology Acceleration Programme (TAP) to explore potential collaborative opportunities.

Paragon S.A. (ISO 9001 certified) is a research and technology development SME active in R&D and commercial services, established in 1995. Activities range from in-house development projects to solutions and applications development provision, and partner participation in project consortia for research initiatives including EC FP4 and H2020, in areas including aeronautics (including Clean Sky), transport, ICT, factories of the F future, energy and environment, and security. Expertise and applications development areas include artificial intelligence (AI), multi-objective Optimisation, acoustics and vibration, AI-based condition monitoring, multi-parameter human fatigue and well-being, smart and sustainable manufacturing production planning, simulations workflows optimisation, and smart and rapid process/product configuration. Services include scientific, measurement and specialist applications, occupational safety & health, and commercial representation for major manufacturers of industrial and scientific instrumentation from the EU, USA and southeast Europe.

Pars is an acronym for ‘Power and Rotary System’. Pars Makina Ltd develops concepts for high efficiency and high power novel energy systems, patented kW-size ORC turbines and expanders to tap in low temperature heat sources, and heat pumps for charging thermal energy storage for domestic applications. Rotary compressor and circulation pumps have a novel arc vane architecture that requires low power input as friction and exit pressure valves are minimised. These compressors have high operation temperatures and allow reliable long life and low maintenance. In addition, Pars Makina also developed kW-size low temperature, high energy, density phase change thermal energy storage for domestic applications.

Photon Engineers Ltd (PEL) has unique knowledge of optical technologies for applications in solar, communications and sensing, imaging and quantum imaging. As a research and technology hub, it brings together opportunities to exploit the Intellectual Property that has been built over many years from Chief Technology Officer Barry Clive’s innovation in partnership with Imperial College and a number of internationally renowned experts. In recent years, PEL’s main foundation has been Innovate UK grant funding to explore the under-exploited strengths of thin film PV, and apply solar optics to make more efficient use of the whole solar spectrum. Markets include heat-driven air conditioning, refrigeration and environmental management schemes for advanced solar greenhouses. The hub is also extending the network of companies involved and seeking ways to mobilise their range of expertise for fast, scalable and deployable solutions based on solar energy and innovative strategies combining multiple energy vectors.

Plasma Quest Ltd (PQL) provides unique capability in thin film coatings to address the most challenging of custom thin film coating requirements. As a UK SME, PLQ's services include coatings R&D, prototyping, custom designed deposition systems and consultancy. Their proprietary sputtering technology; High Target Utilisation Sputtering (HiTUS) enables the user to have independent control of the amount and energy of the sputtered material, greatly expanding process capability to produce new or enhanced performance coatings.

PROBOTICA was established in 2019, based on the long standing experience of its founders in the fields of product development, innovation, and the management of development projects, teams and project organisations. The company aims to achieve synergy through diverse but complementary know-how, and by offering superior service and innovative products to the market. PROBOTICA’s team of engineers, PhD scientists, managers and consultants provides a wide range of R&D project-related services with core competencies in mechanical design, robotics and automation, software development and project management.

Quintus Technologies specialises in the design, manufacture, installation, and support of high-pressure systems for sheet metal forming and densification of advanced materials and critical industrial components. Headquartered in Västerås, Sweden, and represented in 35 countries worldwide, the company is the world leader in high-pressure technology and has delivered more than 1,800 systems to customers across the globe within industries such as aerospace, automotive, energy, and medical implants. Quintus, already Members of TWI, have joined the TWI Innovation Network as an innovation accelerator to explore joint collaborative projects and opportunities across the UK and wider European platforms and demonstrate capabilities across many sectors.

RASIC Ltd is a small, international, intelligent mobility and rail consultancy organisation based in Greater London. The company has been trading for 10 years and has worked with all aspects of the rail supply chain and government to develop knowledge, understanding and solutions within the transport industry. The organisation has designed and implemented delivery strategies that deliver controlled improvements to the existing rail environment. RASIC currently have over 25 live innovation projects in the UK and Latin America. ROSIC specialises in assisting companies enter the rail space through validation of use cases, production of the value proposition/business cases, introductions to customers and ongoing expert advise in the sector.

London, UK-based SME, rcm2, has added value to blue chip clients since 1998, delivering innovative system safety and reliability, risk assessment, asset management and IT system integration solutions to a number of market sectors including transport (aerospace and rail) and energy (oil and gas, nuclear and renewables). The company has over 20+ years’ experience in innovative remote condition monitoring, system safety and reliability management solutions, and has a software product portfolio as an IBM Business partner. Through recent collaboration with TWI and its innovation centres, rcm2 has developed new intellectual property in the areas of Internet of Things, and predictive maintenance based on acoustic emission and fibre optics multi-sensing for structural health monitoring, in diverse applications such as off-shore cranes and railway switches and crossings.

Reedway Precision are precision engineers and specialise in the design and production of complex engineering solutions. Their wide array of CNC plant enables our experienced team to tackle one offs for rapid prototyping and tooling when required. Operating out of their modern facilities in the south of England Reedway are driven by the pursuit of manufacturing excellence. They excel in producing complex and difficult to machine assemblies; working with the most demanding industries. Reedway offer services from 3D design to manufacturing processes including; production machining, horizontal milling, CNC vertical turning, Multi-access mill turn, waterjet profiling, prototype development and machining, full assembly and certification (e.g. ASME). Reedway have joined the TWI Innovation network as an industrial SME from Southampton for technology acceleration opportunities and developments via collaborative project applications with TWI and its innovation centres across the UK and wider European platforms (e.g. H2020).

RKSoft, originally an SME from Ankara, Turkey, set up as an information technologies company in 2008 have joined the TWI Innovation Network to join collaborations as an innovation accelerator across the collaborative canvas that the network represents and develops with an international outreach. RKSoft are the designers and providers of MapCodex GIS solutions that is available industrially and globally. RKSoft has been chosen as a Microsoft Enterprise Services supplier in Turkey. They are formed of experienced specialists in computer graphics, geographical databases and compiler design. The Mapcodex solutions family is being used in over 6000 computers in many projects, both nationally and internationally. RKSoft are available to collaborate across the UK (with offices in London) and wider Europe.

Rocklore is a UK SME from Surrey specialising in mining and exploration services, trade, operations, QA/QC and logistics with experience in projects environments across the globe, as well as different regions and scale of projects from gold mining in Asia minor (Anatolia) to terrains beyond (e.g. Pakistan) and even conflict zones. This is complemented by a strong background in geology demonstrated by long term affiliations through the Fellowship of the Geological Society of London and membership of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining. Rocklore have supported collaborative innovation projects across the Innovate UK (IUK) platform (e.g. CleanMine), bringing their expertise in dissemination and exploitation activities for the successful delivery of the project in support of the partners, and are keen to explore and develop further opportunities and relationships across the TWI Innovation Network as an innovation accelerator and industrial participant through the Accelerated Innovation Programme (AIP) at TWI.

Roketsan is a large industrial enterprise from Turkey, and an active participant in international projects across NATO as well as European programmes such as Horizon 2020. Roketsan joined the Technology Acceleration Programmes scheme to further extend its collaboration with TWI and its Innovation Centres in areas including advanced materials solutions, manufacturing, structural integrity management tools and instrumentation.

Sampas have joined the TWI Innovation Network with a focus on nanotechnology as an innovation accelerator to explore the collaborative project opportunities presented by the network alongside participation in related activities. Sampas are a strong medium-sized enterprise from Istanbul, Turkey with wide interests across construction, engineering, infrastructure, textiles, packaging, glass, ceramics, plastics, waste management, renewable energy and transport (automotive) industries. Sampas nanotechnology particularly covers these sectors, developing and offering nanomaterial-based applications in an industrial setting through collaboration.

The Shadow Robot Company is Britain’s longest-running robot company, best known for its Dexterous Hand, the world’s most advanced robot hand, reproducing, as closely as possible, the kinematics and dexterity of a human hand. The company is also a pioneer in the fast-developing fields of teleoperation and telepresence with their tactile telerobot, where the Shadow Hand is combined with sensors and controlled via a haptic glove for touch feedback. Shadow’s technology is designed to take human operators out of harmful situations – such as nuclear decommissioning and bomb disposal. The Shadow Robot Company is a SME from London and they have joined the TWI Innovation Network's Technology Acceleration Platform for potential collaborations with TWI and its innovation centres, and participating in the activities of TWIIN in its international setting.

Silverline is a kitchen appliance producer such as hoods, hobs and ovens since 1994 in Turkey. More than 1.100 employees are working at the moment. With 46.55% of its capital publicly-traded since June 2006. Silverline continually invests in know-how expansion and advanced technology in order to develop value-added systems and innovative products. Silverline has an automation department consists of talented engineer where realizing their own automation project with their experience on handling systems, welding production and chemical glue operations usage of different materials. Silverline R&D Center’s vision is to create and develop exciting appliances and new technologies that fully satisfy growing customers’ future needs primarily in Europe. Silverline has also an accredited performance laboratory for fans which they are using their products. More than 1,2 million hoods and 100k ovens per year and most of them are tailor made. Silverline has an experience also on H2020 Projects. Silverline has joined the TAP platform to develop and extend European collaborations with TWIIN.

As an SME in France looking to offer smart systems for monitoring and antifouling solutions for transport and energy sectors, Sofchem has signed up for an Accelerated Innovation Programme with TWI to collaborate strategically for the latest innovations, and to increase its portfolio of activities.

STAM is an engineering firm from Genova, specialized in the high-tech sector. They provide turnkey solutions in the following areas: Space & Defence, Security & Transport, Energy & Environment, and Industry & Automation. Since the company establishment in 1997, STAM have been designing and developing innovative mechanisms and mechatronic devices. The main services provided were related to the field of mechanical engineering, performing all stages of the product design cycle: conception, tools and subsystem design and specification, definition of production systems and cycles. Since 2010 STAM have broaden our expertise portfolio, applying their expertise in new fields, such as construction and transports, and building new skills in ICT, where they develop solutions and software tools in order to support activities within Industry 4.0. STAM has achieved outstanding results, such as: a number of patents, a testing laboratory for special machinery, and the successful completion of over 200 projects. They have joined the technology acceleration platform – TAP for expanding their project applications with TWIIN.

Starlight Laboratory, a SME from Cambridge, can design and implement architectures for programming and processors; such as a CPU, or when needed, an 'SOC' ('system on chip'). Prototypes include error reporting, analysis and behaviour tuning. Starlight Lab can integrate database(s) with application code to yield e.g. a closely-coupled integration of a conventional database. They utilise experience from the concepts of logic, mathematics and programming. Starlight Laboratory's key speciality is the ability to existing industry practice and extend them to include functional aspects which are valuable to the applications and users. Starlight has joined technology acceleration platform (TAP) to collaborate as part of TWI innovation network-TWIIN.

STL Technology is a technology development company focused on supporting innovation in advanced engineering industries covering aerospace, automotive, astrospace, renewables and the marine sectors. The firm’s expertise lies in its growing resources in the field of condition and structural health monitoring, software, simulation and modelling. STL is experienced in devising a technology development programme with the technology pull from large organisations and industrial needs to take a system from promising early stage demonstrator to formal prototype, built to the expected standard. STL have joined the Accelerated Innovation Programme (AIP) of the TWI Innovation Network as an industrial SME partner from the UK, hence an innovation accelerator to participate in collaborative programmes across the UK and European initiatives as well as joint country projects with a wider international dimension globally.

Based in Istanbul, Turkey, SU-IMC was established with Kordsa, a leading manufacturer of reinforcement materials, with a focus on innovative, integrated and hybrid technologies that allow high-value-added design and enhanced manufacturing capabilities (eg additive and composites). Already working across multiple industry sectors, SU-IMC has joined the TWI Innovation Network to work on new collaborative opportunities, and to build up its portfolio of activities across European platforms.

Sundance - – is an SME that was founded in 1989 with the focus on design, manufacturing, and testing of electronics modules based on a leading-edge multiprocessing technology that allowed infinitive scaling of processing power. The target market was MRI-Scanners where their modules have been used hence. Sundance have since provided the hardware platform to develop application solutions on e.g. Xilinx ARM + FPGA technology, called Zynq. Sundance has in-house manufacturing equipment for electronics board and full test facilities. They run an ISO9001 Quality System to monitor all processes and have done since 1999. The focus of Sundance is still Multiprocessing Technology and their key technology interests include: Vision System and sub-components for safety, Advanced Sensor technology for monitoring, Robotics electronics for unmanned vehicles. They have joined the TWI Innovation Network to explore collaborative applications as an innovation accelerator.

Techel produces 100% carbon and carbon hybrid fabrics for use in industries including construction, automotive, maritime and defence, as well as providing epoxy and polymer based resins. The company uses state-of-the-art production processes and is ISO 9001 certified, offering clients quality, sustainability, price optimisation, 50 years of weaving know-how and technical support. Techel uses finite element modelling to determine the mechanical properties of fabric before production enabling customer-orientated fibre selection and fabric construction design. As a future-oriented company, Techel is committed to driving the market with innovative products. The company also provides flame retardant upholstery and curtain fabrics for use in sea, air and land vehicles.

TEKNOPAR is an R&D performing SME founded in 1996 and it is one of the leading providers of automation systems and solutions in Turkey for industrial facilities, energy and mobility sectors. Through the development of its engineering and production infrastructure, the company has extended its sphere of activity to provide customers with a wide range of services and end-to-end solutions where integrated applications of mechanics, hydraulics, automation, electric-electronics, and information technologies have been supplied. The company in Ankara incorporates control, automation and robotics technologies with information technologies and provides industrial communication systems, servo-controlled motion systems, embedded software & industrial software with service-oriented architecture and data processing platforms. TEKNOPAR have joined the Technology Acceleration platform-TWIIN.

Think Silicon is developing and licensing the most power efficient graphics technology in the world bringing high quality graphics on any display/camera device. Semiconductor IP Product portfolio includes extremely small, ultra-low power, high-performance Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) inference accelerators for Vision Preprocessing at the IoT/Edge. They have joined TWIIN as a Technology Accelerator for potential applications.

Turkey’s only automotive manufacturer that produces both passenger cars and light commercial vehicles Founded in 1968, Tofaş is the only company in Turkey that manufactures both passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. Tofaş is a Koç Holding and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) partnership in which each controls an equal stake. With 24.3% of its capital publicly-traded, Tofaş’s shares are included in both the Borsa İstanbul BIST 30 and the BIST 100 indexes as well as in that exchange’s Corporate Governance Index and Sustainability indexes. Tofaş continually invests in know-how expansion and advanced technology in order to develop value-added systems and innovative products. Tofaş R&D’s vision is to create and develop exciting vehicles and new technologies that fully satisfy growing customers’ needs in every part of the world. Tofaş R&D, thanks to its team know-how, contributes and participate actively to the FCA product development network. Tofas joined TWI Innovation Network (TWIIN) for technology acceleration programme (TAP) activities with a view to collaborate with TWI and its innovation centres across wider Europe.

Torsion Field Ltd. have become industrial members of the TWI innovation network to collaborate further across UK and Europe as an innovation accelerator. As an SME in the UK, with a particular focus on structured liquids Torsion Field bring some extraordinary benefits across many industry sectors. These include emissions reduction and improved fuel efficiency in vehicles and machinery, reduced oxidation-applicable to food and beverage for increased shelf life. Further benefits have translations onto agriculture and aquaculture as well. Torsion Field are pursuing these interests and considering several applications that can utilise their technology.

TPI (Tillotson Pearson) Composites Inc was founded in 1968 as a high-performance sail and powerboat manufacturer company. Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona,TPI have established a global footprint with advanced engineering solutions. Currently TPI is the largest U.S. based independent global manufacturer of composite wind blades for the high-growth wind energy market supporting global wind turbine manufacturers. TPI operates composite products manufacturing facilities in North America, Middle East, Europe and Asia. There are 16 factories where 10 are blade factories, 4 are mold production factories and 2 are composite bus factories in 6 different countries. TPI has its R&D Center based in TPI-Turkey location and Engineering Center based in TPI-Denmark location.

TPI products excel where high strength, light weight and durability are required. TPI has over five decades of innovation and expertise in manufacturing large-scale composite structures of highest quality at a competitive total delivered cost to our customers. TPI has manufactured over 52,000 wind blades since 2001 with an excellent field performance record in a market where reliability is critical to our customer’s success. TPI  has cabability to manufacture precision molding and assembly systems for the production of wind blades.TPI is enabling complete blade solutions.

TPI’s advanced composites manufacturing technology allows us to build near aerospace grade parts at industrial prices. TPI's advanced composite technology and manufacturing expertise have also been applied to create first-of-their-kind composite solutions in the transportation markets. For more than 5 decades TPI has been leading the industry in providing innovative composite vehicle structures to solve the complex problem of reducing weight and cost in transportation applications.

TPI locates its factories and continues its investments for the purpose of producing cost effective advanced composite products to reach large markets at the lowest delivered cost. We serve our customers with over 6 million square feet of manufacturing operations around 12,000 associates including over 300 design and manufacturing process engineers, as well as craftsmen and production workers. TPI Turkey joined the TWI Innovation Network – TWIIN’s Technology Acceleration Programme with interest in collaborating across platforms such as EC’s H2020.

TPS WeldTech, a well established UK SME with several sites across the country from the south west to the north east and an HQ in Scotland, joined the Accelerated Innovation Programme (AIP) as a TWI Industrial Member. TPS WeldTech are specialists in welding, cutting and related automation services as well as training and validation for various industry sectors, notably automotive as well as construction and general engineering. They have an extensive product category range from automation, cameras, consumables, generators, and plasma cutters to positioning equipment and welding simulators. TPS WeldTech have come on board the AIP to explore potential national and international collaborative opportunities that the TWI Innovation Network offers to its Members.

TTAF is a young, dynamic SME from Ankara, Turkey that specialises in wiring and electromagnetic assembly services to platform manufacturers. The company is involved across aerospace platforms, naval systems and security vehicles, and its capabilities include design and prototypes, and manufacturing supported by research and development.

Large enterprise and TWI Industrial Member Uniper Technologies Ltd has been working with TWI looking at NDT technologies. Uniper signed up for an Accelerated Innovation Programme to focus on new developments in energy materials and the power sector.

V7 provides computer vision artificial intelligence (AI) applications to the manufacturing and life science sectors. Deep learning-based computer vision easily solves traditionally troublesome problems in visual understanding by machines. These include robustness to lighting and orientation changes, utility with highly reflective or transparent materials and lack of dependence on expensive camera hardware. Common use cases include defect detection, corrosion grading, serial reading, gauge digitisation, part counting and sorting, assembly tracking, PPE compliance and protocol adherence. For companies looking to create training data for computer vision models, V7 also produce the Darwin labelling platform, a best in class solution for the rapid creation of pixel-perfect ground truth.

VibroBox is automatic diagnostics and prescriptive maintenance solution for a wide range of industrial rotary equipment. VibroBox uses unique proprietary methods for in-depth vibration and telemetry analysis with other advanced technologies - digital signal processing, wavelet analysis, fuzzy logic, cloud technologies, machine learning and neural networks to provide the customers with early-stage detection of equipment defects and issues followed by maintenance recommendations generated for each structural element with great accuracy rate. Detailed health reports for equipment and its parts, predictions, prescriptions and maintenance guidelines by Vibrobox are readily available for hundreds of types of both stationary and moving equipment in dozens of industries. Furthermore, the maximum efficiency is achieved through direct integration with enterprise management systems (CMMS, MES, ERP, SCADA, etc.).

Viskam Machine Vision and Automation Systems is an SME from Bursa, Turkey that specialises in machine vision and automation, undertaking process and quality control, and robot guiding, using industrial cameras and vision analysis software, including their own. The company is favourably placed within supply chains for industry sectors including automotive, industrial machine manufacturing, white and brown goods, manufacturing and food processing. It has several distribution arrangements in place with Europe, Asia and the far east for cameras, illumination products and lenses. Viskam is well equipped to engage in innovation due to it experience in multinational collaboration across wider Europe, and has a track record of technology activities, research, development and innovation projects.

Welding Alloys Group, industrial members of TWI, have joined TWI Innovation Network as an innovation accelerator to closely explore collaborative opportunities with TWI and its innovation centres as well as the other industrial members of the network to participate in projects, offer and demonstrate their capabilities and benefit from new developments that can make an impact in the field as end-user applications. Welding Alloys Group are the go-to provider of advanced welding consumables, automated equipment for wear protection, and engineered wear solutions with commitment to innovation. They are a large enterprise with coverage more than 150 countries and territories throughout a network of over 28 subsidiaries and with more than 1000 employees and specialists in different disciplines. Industry sector activities include agriculture, food, construction (e.g. cement & building materials), energy (e.g. hydropower), oil and gas, petrochemical, transport (e.g. railways), steel making, pulp and paper, sugar, recycling & waste, mining, quarries and earthmoving equipment. Their range of products and services include; welding alloy consumables, welding machines and welding/cladding services.

Wolfram Industrie of Germany, specialists in production and processing of refractory metals: tungsten and molybdenum, have come on board the TWI Innovation Network as innovation accelerators to closely collaborate on developments and innovation projects with specific interests in welding engineering, metallurgy and testing. Wolfram Industrie develops, tests and produces materials from W and Mo for various purposes that span from structural parts, electrodes to high temperature applications, including new compositions and custom solutions.As an industrial participant of the TWI Innovation Network they are keen to collaborate across the AIP platform.

WRK Design & Services Ltd is an independent chemical engineering consultancy established in 2002 that has expertise in contract research and development, pilot plant studies and technology transfer. The company’s technical staff are post-graduate chemical engineers with operations and consulting experience, committed to providing advice and support that can be relied upon to be practical and cost effective. WRK also specialises in selective gas absorption using its proprietary technology, the ‘DGC’ (Downflow Gas Contactor) Reactor, for carbon capture sequestration from air, biogas upgrade by removing carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide, and selective absorption of gases from gas mixtures.

WRS Marine is an experienced service provider in inspection, corrosion testing to the maritime and offshore industry. The organisation became an Industrial Member of TWI after a collaborative project across the European FP7 platform. WRS Marine has signed up for an Accelerated Innovation Programme to further enhance its capabilities in, for example, antifouling and automation.

Yesilova AR-GE Centre of Yesilova Holding from Bursa, Turkey have become industrial members of TWI to collaborate further across wider Europe via the network and AIP. Specialists in metal fabrications and manufacturing particularly using Aluminium, Yesilova AR-GE have many interests and applications across several industry sectors including automotive (e.g. lightweighting), construction and engineering to name a few.

Istanbul-based Yongatek is an end-to-end solution provider for the industrial, health, automotive and defence sectors. The company’s main focus areas are: SIC/SoC data classification, digital integrated circuit (IC) and field-programmable gate array (FPGA) design, verification and implementation; high quality, innovative solutions in computer vision, and video and image processing algorithms and implementation of these on hardware and software; image processing and customised artificial intelligence (AI) applications; development of systems for 5G and satellite communication; and printed circuit board (PCB) and embedded firmware design and test. In addition, Yongatek is a distributor of Aldec, the design verification company.

Zegami transforms how people explore incomprehensible datasets through an easy, fluid, visual interface which all employees can use. The company’s data visualisation tool allows people to explore data visually and create powerful, insightful, persuasive infographics which highlight opportunities to improve and optimise processes and strategies. All this is achievable without a large investment in Business Intelligence teams and software. Zegami is unique because it works with both structured and unstructured data from multiple sources, from images and documents to application programme interfaces (APIs) and video.

Zyba is a UK based SME focused on harnessing the power of ocean waves to protect coastlines from erosion, enhance marine ecosystems with new coral reefs and generate renewable energy. Their patented CCell technology is an ultra-lightweight wave energy converter which moves with the waves to generate electricity. This electricity is used locally to grow coral reefs in any shape or size from natural minerals in the water through an electrochemical process known as BioRock, pioneered by their partners at The Global Coral Reef Alliance. Zyba delivers excellence through advanced engineering and numerical modelling and is joining the TWI Innovation Network as an innovation accelerator to develop collaborations in areas from composite NDT to remote condition monitoring and more.


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