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Podcast: Digitalisation of Factory Environments with Floteks

Thu, 10 February, 2022

A brand new podcast episode from the TWI Innovation Network series: Digitalisation and Advanced Manufacturing

Welcome to this episode of the TWI Innovation Network (TWIIN) podcast series which features Tuğrul Karasarlıoğlu, Research and Development Coordinator at Floteks, in conversation over Zoom with Dr Cem Selcuk, Head of Business Development for TWIIN.

At Floteks, Tuğrul is responsible for project preparation, application, implementation, and technical and financial reporting, and manages the relations with project partners from different countries, including those within the EU.  Due to his expertise and experience, Tuğrul is Floteks' lead for R&D lead and emerging industrial technologies.

In 1983, Floteks, a leading supplier to the automotive industry, was the first company in Turkey to start production using rotational moulding for plastic parts.  Today, the company is globally recognised in this area due to its application of advanced technologies.

In this episode, Cem and Tuğrul look at factory settings and how these unique spaces lend themselves to different digitalisation challenges.  They also examine the needs of manufacturers and production plant operators, and their demand for digital technology.

Cem asks Tuğrul about the boundaries that have to be overcome, machine vision, industry 4.0, data analytics and more, and together they compare the importance of customer feedback and satisfaction against the merits of data gathered through quality control and production.  Finally, they look at the next big R&D ambitions for Floteks.

Floteks is a TWI Innovation Network (TWIIN) Technology Acceleration Programmes (TAPs) Member and a TWIIN Subscriber.

Episode 2: Digitalisation of Factory Environments: How to transform production

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Floteks and the TWI Innovation Network

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