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The TWI Innovation Network Podcast - The Pilot

Tue, 13 October, 2020

TWI Innovation Network Podcast

Welcome to the Pilot episode for a podcast series from the Innovation Network. In this episode, James Brookman of TWI talks to Ameni Lounissi and Hannah Stedman at the National Structural Integrity Research Centre (NSIRC) in Cambridge, UK.

NSIRC is a pillar of TWIIN and hosts postgraduate education within an industrial environment at TWI.

Episode - The Pilot

In part one, James talks to Ameni Lounissi, Academic Team Leader at NSIRC about the centre overall, and how industry and academia are working together for the benefit of the society.

In part 2, Hannah Stedman, HR and Recruitment Coordinator at NSIRC, presents the latest, PhD, MSc and MBA opportunities that are available in Cambridge. These include the popular PhD Studentship programme, full-time Masters courses from Brunel University and a new Executive MBA Apprenticeship for senior leaders of business.

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