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Advanced Materials and Digitalisation Innovation Centre (AMDIC) publications

Explore some of the technical publications, by AMDIC staff, in scientific journals and at conferences:

Sloshing dynamics of a tuned liquid multi-column damper for semi-submersible floating offshore wind turbines – Zhou, Y., Qian, L., Bai, W. Ocean Engineering, 269pp. 113484-113484, 2023.

Circular economy electrochemistry: creating additive manufacturing feedstocks for caffeine detection from post-industrial coffee pod waste – E Sigley, C Kalinke, RD Crapnell, MJ Whittingham, RJ Williams, EM Keefe. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 2023.

Exploring the role of the connection length of screen-printed electrodes towards the hydrogen and oxygen evolution reactions – P Wuamprakhon, AGM Ferrari, RD Crapnell, JL Pimlott, SJ Rowley-Neale. Sensors 23 (3), 1360, 2023.

Building interface bonding and shield for stable Li-rich Mn-based oxide cathode – J Chen, H Chen, Y Mei, J Gao, A Dai, Y Tian, W Deng, G Zou, H Hou. Energy Storage Materials 52, 736-745, 2022.

Additively manufactured rotating disk electrodes and experimental setup – MJ Whittingham, RD Crapnell, CE Banks. Analytical Chemistry 94 (39), 13540-13548, 2022.

Chemical-mechanical effects in Ni-rich cathode materials – S Yin, H Chen, J Chen, A Massoudi, W Deng, X Gao, S Zhang, Y Wang. Chemistry of Materials 34 (4), 1509-1523, 2022.

Photocatalytic degradation of contaminants of emerging concern using a low-cost and efficient black bismuth titanate-based water treatment reactor – M Grao, J Redfern, P Kelly, M Ratova.  J. Water Processing Engineering, 45 (2022) 102525.

Burst and oxidation behavior of Cr coated Zirlo during simulated LOCA testing – S. B. Bell, K. A. Kane, T. Graening, A. Evans, P. Kelly, B. A. Pint. J. Nuclear Materials 564 (2022) 153679.

An amorphous SiAlN barrier coating against NaCl attack in humid air at elevated temperature –Zhaohe Gao, Justyna Kulczyk-Malecka, Han Liu, Peter Kelly, Ping Xiao and Yu-Lung Chiu. Corrosion Science 203 (2022) 110321.

Effects of interfacial depletion on the degradation of SiAlN coating – Zhaohe Gao, Justyna Kulczyk-Malecka, Peter Kelly, Ping Xiao. Applied Surface Science, 611 (2023) 155576.

Substrate controlled degradation rate of protective SiAlN coating via mitigating interfacial reaction – Zhaohe Gao, Han Liu, Justyna Kulczyk-Malecka, Conghui Liu, Dongchen Hu, Peter Kelly, Ping Xiao. Corrosion Science 213 (2023) 111006.

Multi-Commodity Optimisation of Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading Resources in Smart Grid – Jogunola, O., Adebisi, B., Anoh, K., Ikpehai, A., Hammoudeh, M., Harris, G. (2022). IEEE on behalf of Journal of Modern Power Systems and Clean Energy, 10(1) pp. 29-39.

Energy Consumption in Commercial Buildings in a Post-COVID-19 World – Jogunola, O., Morley, C., Akpan, I.J., Tsado, Y., Adebisi, B., Yao, L. IEEE Engineering Management Review, 50(1) pp. 54-64, 2022.

Composition of Hybrid Deep Learning Model and Feature Optimization for Intrusion Detection System – Henry, A., Gautam, S., Khanna, S., Rabie, K., Shongwe, T., Bhattacharya, P., Sharma, B., Chowdhury, S. Sensors, 23(2) pp. 890-890.

Second-life battery systems for affordable energy access in Kenyan primary schools – N. Kebir, A. Leonard, M. Downey, B. Jones, K. Rabie, S. Bhagavathy, S. Hirmer. Nature Scientific Reports, Jan. 2023.

Comparisons of transformer thermal behaviours between conventional disc type and S disc type windings – Zhang, X., Liu, Q., Wang, Z., & Wilkinson, M. (2022). IET Generation, Transmission and Distribution.

Two-dimensional modelling of tracheostomy Above Cuff Vocalization using computational fluid dynamics – A Michael, R Jamshidi, L Tumi, M Brown, Brendan A McGrath, Rasool Erfani. (2023). British Journal of Anesthesia (IF: 11.719), 130 (2), 205–206.

The Sensitivity of 5MW Wind Turbine Blade Sections to the Existence of Damage – Algolfat, A., Wang, W. and Albarbar, A., 2023. Energies, 16(3), p.1367.

Dynamic responses analysis of a 5MW NREL wind turbine blade under flap-wise and edge-wise vibrations – Algolfat, A.A., Wang, W. and Albarbar, A., 2022. Journal of Dynamics, Monitoring and Diagnostics.

Comparison of beam theories for characterisation of a NREL wind turbine blade flap-wise vibration – Algolfat, A., Wang, W. and Albarbar, A., 2022. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part A: Journal of Power and Energy, p.09576509221089146.

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