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Advanced Materials and Digitalisation Innovation Centre

Advanced Materials and Digitalisation Innovation Centre

Advanced Materials and Digitalisation Innovation Centre

The Advanced Materials and Digitalisation Innovation Centre (AMDIC) was established in January 2022 by partners Manchester Metropolitan University and TWI to focus on advanced materials and coatings, hydrogen technologies, additive manufacturing and digitalisation, offering a holistic approach to develop sustainable and novel technologies and solutions.

The Centre brings together a multidisciplinary group of researchers with world-leading experts through the combined expertise of Manchester Met and TWI, and their demonstrable track record in uniting like-minded companies and organisations to work collaboratively on research and development (R&D) projects for disruptive technologies with commercial and market potential.

3D printing, PrintCity, courtesy of MMU

Image shows 3D printing, PrintCity, courtesy of Manchester Metropolitan University.



  • Generate new understanding of materials and processes, and use that knowledge to develop new applications, components and devices with novel or enhanced properties
  • Create and transfer new knowledge to implement a clean growth strategy to decarbonise transport and address climate change in the move towards zero carbon emissions, focusing on hydrogen as a transportation fuel, natural gas, biomethane and biodiesel
  • Identify novel technology concepts to make hydrogen technologies cost competitive with other energy conversion and storage technologies
  • Apply Industry 4.0 technologies by undertaking digitalisation of the physical aspects of infrastructure and industry, taking advantage of the growing abilities of the tnternet of things (IoT), 5G, artificial Intelligence (AI), digital twin and other technologies
  • Research the life cycle of data science including the development and application of innovative technologies for machine / deep learning, natural language processing, data governance and security, adaptive psychological profiling and human-computer interaction, to support the development of next generation, ethical and responsible AI
  • Develop and transform world-class research around AI, cyber security and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) into applications across sectors
  • Create innovations in product design, manufacturing and developing new materials for 3D printing in a sustainable way

Core areas

  • Surface engineering – functional coatings
  • Advanced materials – low carbon fuels, catalysis, nanotechnology
  • Hydrogen technologies, fuel cells and electrolysers, chemical transformations via electrocatalysis
  • Additive manufacturing, circular economy
  • Smart infrastructure and Industry Research Group – smart energy systems, connectivity including IoT, industrial IoT (IIoT) and 5G, signal processing, data analytics, modelling and digital twin, Industry 4.0
  • Advanced computational science – AI across three areas: data science, machine intelligence and human-centred computing, cybersecurity: smart and secure infrastructure, mathematical modelling and flow analysis


Explore some of the technical publications by AMDIC staff in scientific journals and at conferences.

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