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Student Completes Research at Delft University of Technology

Tue, 10 October, 2023

NSIRC PhD student Arunima Nair has recently completed two months of research at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in the Netherlands. 

Delft, Netherlands - Hosted by Dr Poulumi Dey and Dr Nabel Khossossi, Arunima's research explored the atomic simulation of hydrogen interaction with high entropy alloys (HEAs).

Studying in Delft has been an excellent way for Arunima to broaden her research horizons and gain valuable experience in the field of high entropy alloys and their interaction with hydrogen.

Her research will contribute to the scientific community's understanding of this topic, which is of great importance in the field of materials engineering.

Arunima's placement at TU Delft was made possible by the Lloyd's Register Foundation's NEST initiative, which supports excellence in engineering education and research.

The grant provides funding for research projects, studentships, and training and promotes collaboration between industry and academia.

Arunima's PhD with NSIRC is awarded by the University of Leicester, and she receives industry and academic supervision from Dr Shiladitya Paul, Research & Product Development Programme Manager, TWI Ltd, and Prof Hongbiao Dong, Materials Engineering, University of Leicester.

Before starting her PhD, Arunima completed her undergraduate and MSc in Chemistry from the University of Kerala, India.

In 2021, she began her PhD journey in chemical engineering with NSIRC and has presented her research work at the NSIRC Research & Innovation Conference, and EUROCORR 2023.

During the summer of 2022, Arunima also had the opportunity to attend a 10-day summer school placement at 17th Oxford School on Neutron Scattering, held at the University of Oxford.

Overall, Arunima's experience at TU Delft has been invaluable in shaping her research perspective and methodology, and she looks forward to continuing her research journey in the field of chemical engineering with NSIRC.

 Arunima at TU Delft. Photo: Arunima Nair
Arunima at TU Delft. Photo: Arunima Nair