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  • NSIRC PhD Students Present to EUROCORR 2022 in Berlin

NSIRC PhD Students Present to EUROCORR 2022 in Berlin

Tue, 11 October, 2022

Lloyd’s Register Foundation (LRF) sponsored PhD Students, Ana Araujo-Lascano, *Adamantini Loukodimou and Adriana Castro-Vargas presented their latest research findings at ‘EUROCORR 2022 – Corrosion in a Changing World: Energy, Mobility, Digitalization’, held in Berlin, Germany.

The European Corrosion Congress (EUROCORR) is the European Federation for Corrosion’s flagship event, organised by DECHEMA (Society for Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology) and GfKORR (Society for Corrosion Protection). The conference brings together over 1000 corrosion experts from around the world to share insights and novel developments made in field.

‘Performance of Painted TSA (Thermal Spray Aluminium) in Simulated Marine Environment.’

Ana's project aims to address a knowledge gap in exploring corrosion mechanisms of damaged duplex TSA coatings. It involves a study of the degradation process where damaged duplex coating (TSA top coated with epoxy and polyurethane) on S355 steel were exposed to synthetic seawater.

Currently in the third year of her PhD award by Coventry University, Ana said that, “The event was fascinating, it gave me the opportunity to grow, expand and share my knowledge, as well as the opportunity to network with talented and renowned experts in the field of corrosion.”

Ana made a similar presentation at the NSIRC Research and Innovation Conference 2022, where she awarded a Runner-Up Prize in the for 3rd Year Oral Presentation category. 

“It all contributed to my personal and professional growth. Visiting Germany helped me discover and learn more about different people, cultures, history, and even weather!”

Ana Araujo-Lascano

‘Evaluation of the Anticorrosive and Self-healing Performance of Epoxy Coatings Loaded with Microcapsules in the Atmospheric Zone of Offshore Wind Turbines.’

Adamantini (a student of the University of Leicester) presented her research that is assisting the offshore industry develop a novel coating system for wind turbines that can better protect against corrosion and increase service life. Most importantly, the results of this PhD will contribute towards reducing catastrophic incidents that could have devastating environmental, financial and safety consequences.

'Simulation of Corrosion Performance of Damaged TSA – Coated Steel in Artificial Seawater.'

Awarded by the University of Leicester and recipient of a Runner-Up Prize at the NSIRC Research and Innovation Conference 2022, Adriana gave her oral presentation focused on research that is helping industry to develop a damage-tolerant system which will directly impact safety and reduce the likelihood of unexpected failures, costs, and risks associated with offshore repair operations.

To find out more about any of the research in this article, or to enquire about other aspects of our Structural Integrity PhD Programme, email

*In addition to LRF, Adamantini Loukodimou's research is sponsored by the Centre for Doctoral Training in Innovative Metal Processing (IMPaCT). 

Photo: Ana Araujo-Lascano
Photo: Ana Araujo-Lascano