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PhD Student publishes paper at NDE India 2020

Mon, 18 October, 2021

Now in the final year of her PhD project, Nagu Sathappan AWeldI has had her latest research published in the NDE 2020 - Virtual Conference & Exhibition, by the Indian Society for NDT (ISNDT) (NDE-India 2020).

Properties of GMR based sensor for Magnetic field measurement at increasing Temperature Conditions

The research highlights the importance of Giant Magneto Resistance (GMR) sensor and its properties in the measurement system.

Nagu's proposed approach constitutes an experimental setup using a commercial GMR sensor for measurement of the magnetic field response of the system.

The work aims to act as a fully-operational evidence of the application, with an emphasis on the standard mode of operation and to improve the sensitivity of the measurement system.

Watch Nagu's PhD presentation from the NSIRC Research and Innovation Conference 2021


Nagu Sathappan said, "The system provides high flexibility in design applications where local magnetic fields must be detected."

"The measurement setup can be modified and redesigned for a wide variety of applications, thus allowing path for future research, for better accuracy and extended operation range."

Dr Ryan Marks, CEng, MIMechE, is Nagu's industrial PhD supervisor and TWI Section Manager for Monitoring and Inspection Research said, "Disseminating the results of our studies is an important to inform the scientific community of our key developments."

"The combination of academic studies led by industrial needs ensures that the development work of our doctoral degree students such as Nagu are meeting the future needs of industry."

Dr Ryan Marks

"I am very pleased that Nagu has been able to present her PhD work and have it published, highlighting the scientific advances that she is making. This sort of dissemination activity strengthens the novelty in the work that Nagu has undertaken and will support the defence of her thesis."

Paper published in

Nagu graduated from Anna University, India with a Bachelor’s in Production Engineering & Master’s in Engineering Design.

Her background in mechanical engineering led her to specialise on Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) after gaining experience at the Indian Institute of Technology, in Madras.

She still takes great pride in serving the teaching profession and empowering young minds.

Nagu joined the PhD programme in December 2018 working on-site at TWI in Cambridge alongside many other post graduate students at NSIRC from UK Universities.


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