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Nagu Sathappan

Wed, 08 January, 2020

Student Name

Nagu Sathappan

Research Title

Development of an underwater and high temperature sensor for a permanently installed corrosion monitoring system


Magnetic flux leakage, non-destructive testing, NDT


Lloyd’s Register Foundation

Affiliated University

London South Bank University


Dr Shiva Majidnia (TWI Ltd.), Prof M. Osman Tokhi (London South Bank University)

Start Date


Project Outline and Bio

My project aims at developing a new sensor that works efficiently in extreme conditions. Issues faced by the magnetic circuit under extreme conditions need to be investigated. In order to maintain the structural integrity of pipelines, these issues need to be addressed.

The work carried out during this PhD focuses on developing a sensor for condition monitoring system. Our contribution to society would be a magnetic circuit that prevents pipeline accidents and makes the environment a better and safer place to live.

"I have a Mechanical Engineering background with an emphasis on NDT which is my field of interest. Having research experience in the field of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) from Indian Institute of Technology-Madras, motivated me to make this contribution to society. I still take great pride in serving the teaching profession and empowering young minds. A Soft-spoken woman from south India who have overcome obstacles to become mentally strong women seeking to establish an identity and an inspiration to other women. I am incredibly proud of myself for submitting this manuscript with the aid of four men who have been strong pillars of support for me, including my father and supervisors."


Presentation on the title “Development of an underwater and high temperature sensor for a permanently installed corrosion monitoring system” in British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing webinar,59th Annual conference, held on 15-17 September 2020.

Research paper: Development of an MFL Coil Sensor for Testing Pipes in Extreme Temperature Conditions, published in Sensors’ 20th anniversary issue, 'Women in Sensors'.


Article: Properties of GMR based sensor for Magnetic field measurement at increasing Temperature Conditions Issue: 2021-04 - Publication: NDE 2020 - Virtual Conference & Exhibition, 10-12 Dec 2020 by Indian Society for NDT (ISNDT) (NDE-India 2020)