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Reviewer Praise for Materials Innovation Centre Director

Mon, 26 February, 2024

Congratulations are in order for Materials Innovation Centre Director, Dr Shiladitya Paul who, for the second consecutive year in a row, has been recognised by the Journal of Thermal Spray Technology, the flagship magazine title of the ASM Thermal Spray Society, for his services and contribution to the publication.

As a world leading forum on thermal spray technology, this peer-reviewed, scientific Journal is dedicated to the use of thermal and cold spray science to improve the properties of materials and the functionality of coatings. Its mission is to synergise the rapidly advancing field of thermal spray coatings within an industry context, by presenting a broad spectrum of research and development (R&D) projects, that can lead to technological advances for implementation in engineering applications.

The Materials Innovation Centre (MatIC), a long-term strategic partnership between TWI and the University of Leicester, is at the forefront of metallic materials research into how properties and performance relate to processing-dependent microstructure, and is also developing computational models to relate microstructure to properties and performance. Dr Paul has led the Centre since January 2017.

The Journal of Thermal Spray Technology (JTST) regularly publishes scientific papers and special issues, the manuscripts for which require prompt and constructive review, according to the criteria of technical excellence, quality and relevance, prior to being made available to Journal readers. These activities are undertaken by ‘Reviewers’, selected by JTST editors, who have demonstrable, recognised research expertise, professional experience, critical judgement and foresight, and are forward thinking in their field of expertise. Reviewers provide detailed critiques of submitted manuscripts, often resulting in significant improvements to the overall quality.

In his commendation to Dr Paul, André McDonald, Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Thermal Spray Technology, said “Please accept this letter in appreciation for your excellent efforts in 2023 with reviewing assignments… As editor of this publication, I want you to know that we could not have completed the contents of the 2023 volumes of JTST without your assistance… We are very grateful for your support.”

Speaking of this latest recognition by the editorial team at JTST, Shiladitya explained ““Being a Reviewer for JTST enables me to stay updated on the latest advancements in thermal and cold spray research and associated technologies. Therefore, I am pleased to receive this letter acknowledging my contributions to the publication.”

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