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TWI Innovation Network Looks to the Future With New Website

Wed, 28 June, 2023

Whether you are a regular user of, or it has been a while since you had a look around, the TWI Innovation Network (TWIIN) website – if you are reading this press release – then you will have noticed that we now have a brand new website!

In line with the Network’s evolution over the last 3-4 years, the website has been expanded to reflect the full depth and breadth of what TWIIN now offers to companies and organisations looking to accelerate their business and technology development.

So whether you would like to know:

Or would simply like to keep up-to-date with what’s happening at TWIIN, you should now be able to find this information and more on the new!

In addition, to provide you with the best possible experience while on the new TWIIN website, you will find that it is more intuitive to use than the previous one – due to its granular menu system, logical navigation routes and cohesive overall structure – and in combination with a contemporary and creative visual design, this improved user interface will enable you to find what you are searching for more quickly and effectively.

So with fresh and up-to-date content at your fingertips – why not start exploring the new website now – and discover the different ways we can work with you to enhance your business?!

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