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TWI Innovation Network Expands with New Subscriber Companies

Mon, 11 December, 2023

TWI Innovation Network (TWIIN)’s open innovation ecosystem has expanded recently with the joining of several new Subscriber companies, each of which has a strong commitment to research and development (R&D), and a demonstrable track record in creating and delivering new technologies. Take a look below at what each of them offers and the impact they are making.

Zentech International Ltd

Zentech is an independent, UK company established in 1980 that provides state-of-the-art software simulation solutions and consultancy services to major international players, across a range of industries including energy, nuclear, aerospace and automotive. Zentech develops mathematical and computational models of real physical structures in a variety of engineering fields, as well as offers expertise and training in finite element analysis, fatigue and fracture mechanics, and computational fluid dynamics. It also has an in-house portfolio of advanced computer analysis software, one which is Zencrack, used to develop focused, finite element meshes at crack tips, and evaluate fracture mechanics parameters such as stress intensity factor and energy release rate.


Holdson, founded in 2023 by a team of engineers and entrepreneurs, is a West-Yorkshire, UK based manufacturer specialising in the development of electrochemical polishing machines for additively manufactured parts and implants. The company’s unique Electroform technology boasts rapid turnaround times, helping manufacturers to increase productivity and precision, and its Electroform machines use recyclable consumables and electrolytes, and have a closed-loop system that eliminates hazardous waste, reducing the risk of exposure to such materials. Developed initially for the medical, automotive, aerospace and nuclear energy industries, Holdson’s Electroform series of machines acts as a cost-effective and high-quality solution for post-processing of metal components that have been additively manufactured.

Pinweld Ltd

Pinweld is an R&D company working, collaboratively, to find novel ways of joining plastics and composites. Pinweld is also the name the company has given to its patented, low energy technology that removes the need to match polymer based materials due to its proprietary, sequential remoulding of the joint, resulting in neat, strong repeatable welds. The technology, which incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, lends itself perfectly to automated production environments, and the process has the potential for application across a wide range of industry sectors where the joining of high-performance materials is crucial, and the demand for high-quality, energy-efficient welding solutions is paramount.

Cambridge Joining Technology

Cambridge Joining Technology (CJT) develops innovative technologies for joining advanced alloys, ceramics and composites where conventional welding methods have proved unsuccessful. The company’s main expertise is in diffusion bonding of similar and dissimilar materials, high precision solid-state joining and laminated object manufacturing, for example, printed circuit heat exchangers (PCHE). Since its inception in 2001, by scholars from the University of Cambridge, novel technologies created by the company have enabled high-precision and atomic level joining of advanced components that cannot be fabricated using conventional manufacturing processes. In addition, CJT is currently working on conceiving high-temperature thermoelectric and micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), used in energy saving and heat management devices respectively.

EndeF Solar Solutions

EndeF Solar Solutions is an SME based in Zaragoza, Spain, established in 2012, that specialises in hybrid solar technology, designing, developing, testing and manufacturing solar hybrid panels as well as installing photovoltaic technologies. The company has its own test benches enabling its technicians to assess the pros and cons of different hybrid panel materials, dimensions and configuration options, informed by its team of researchers who are focused on utilising and adapting the latest technologies with alternative energy potential. Testing also incorporates performance monitoring via real-time and post-processing data acquisition, evaluating electrical and thermal generation, and energy efficiency, as well as enabling performance parameters.

Collaborate to innovate

TWIIN flexible subscription options are designed for companies and organisations looking to build on their technology development ambitions to bring more products, systems or services to market, and who would benefit from joining forces with TWI Innovation Network and Industrial Members as well as TWI’s Innovation Centres and international network of communities. Being a Subscriber company / organisation facilitates mutual collaboration, enabling the parties involved to achieve engineering advances in specialist areas across a wide range of industry sectors, relevant to their business, in response to commercial needs. If you would like to explore a TWIIN subscription, please email to and we will be in touch.

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