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MatIC Research Assoc. and NSIRC PhD Student Passes Her Viva

Mon, 17 July, 2023

Congratulations to NSIRC PhD student, and Research Associate at the Materials Innovation Centre (MatIC), Adamantini Loukodimou who recently passed her Viva (with minor corrections)!

Adamantini started her PhD, entitled ‘Development of Novel Coating Systems for Mitigating Corrosion of Offshore Wind Turbines’, in September 2018 with the University of Leicester, who is also TWI’s partner in MatIC, and their IMPaCT Centre for Doctoral Training, sponsored by Lloyd's Register Foundation (LRF), TWI and the National Structural Integrity Research Centre (NSIRC). Her supervisors were Dr David Weston and Dr Dimitris Statharas (academic), and Dr Shiladitya Paul and Dr Alan Taylor (industrial).

During the first year of her PhD, Adamantini was based at the University of Leicester attending engineering modules there as well as in Birmingham and Nottingham. Her first three-month placement took place during the same year at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Then in August 2019 Adamantini moved to Cambridge to start her experimental research. During the fourth year of her PhD, Adamantini undertook a second three-month placement at Centro Tecnologico Componentes (CTC) in Santander, Spain.

Speaking about her achievement, Admantini said ““I would like to thank my supervisors and my LRF mentor, Heather Hughes, for their guidance, help and encouragement during all these years. A massive thank you to my PhD sponsors for their financial support and for giving me the opportunity to fulfil my aims. It was an amazing experience of personal and academic growth, full of new lessons.”

Adamantini Loukodimou, Research Associate, MatIC
Adamantini Loukodimou, Research Associate, MatIC

Adamantini graduated from the University of Patras, Greece with a Degree in Chemistry in 2016, following which she undertook an MSc in Synthetic Chemistry and Advanced Polymeric and Nanostructured Materials at the same University, graduating in 2018.

Of her continuing research role with MatIC, Adamantini, who is currently working on the So-lRec2 project, stated “I am extremely happy and grateful for the opportunities that I was given, and for being able to continue this ‘trip’ in the exciting world of science and research, anticipating the new opportunities and challenges that life will bring me”.

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