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Materials Innovation Centre Researchers Present at EUROCORR

Tue, 23 August, 2022

The highly regarded European Corrosion Congress (EUROCORR) is an annual flagship event for engineering technology professionals to come together to discuss, share their knowledge and exchange expertise on, the subject of corrosion and the challenges it presents to various industries.

A common problem in oil and gas, wind energy, petrochemicals and other sectors, corrosion presents critical degradation problems for plant, equipment and machinery that is used to transport and process corrosive substances, and/or operates in harsh environments such as sea water.

Researchers at the Materials Innovation Centre (MatIC), a partnership between the University of Leicester and TWI, are particularly interested in the creation and application of new materials and coatings that can be used to mitigate corrosion. The team works collaboratively with RTO and SME partners to undertake research and development (R&D) aimed at furthering industry’s collective understanding of metallic materials, in particular, and how their properties and performance relate to processing-dependent microstructures. Focus areas include materials analysis and characterisation, performance and process modelling, computational mechanics, physical metallurgy, and materials dissolution and recovery.

Therefore, attendance at EUROCORR provides members of the MatIC team with an opportunity to meet-up with fellow materials professionals from Europe and the rest of the world, and collectively look at mitigating corrosion in industry while discussing potential new technologies to tackle the problem.

This year, on Monday 29 August 2022, Adamantini Loukodimu, PhD Researcher is presenting ‘Evaluation of the anticorrosive and self-healing performance of epoxy coatings loaded with microcapsules in the atmospheric zone of offshore wind turbines’, Adriana Castro Vargas, PhD Researcher is presenting ‘Simulation of corrosion performance of damaged TSA-coated steel in artificial seawater’, and Shiladitya Paul, Director of MatIC is presenting the FORGE project: ‘Novel, cost-effective coatings for energy-intensive industries’, as well as co-chairing the Marine Corrosion session.

On Tuesday 30 August, Berenika Syrek-Gerstenkorn, Research Associate is participating in the poster session and presenting ‘Sol-Rec2 Case Study: Assessment of corrosion behaviour of aluminium and degradation of polymers during delamination of multi-material packaging systems’. Lastly Vikas Kumar, Research Associate is presenting ‘3D-printed solid state multi-material lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicle applications’ on Wednesday 31 August.

Centre Director, Shiladitya Paul said “EUROCORR is one of the key conferences in MatIC’s annual calendar because it provides a valuable forum for both disseminating some of the novel work we undertake at the Centre as well finding out about the latest developments other researchers in Europe and around the world are looking into.” “Therefore, as attendees we can all benefit by learning from each other and can come together to look at corrosion mitigation solutions for the benefit of wider industry.”

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