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Introducing the TWIIN Innovation Consultancy Services Team

Mon, 18 January, 2021

The Innovation Consultancy Services (ICS) team helps companies, particularly SMEs, to create new opportunities for their business, promote their products and services, and identify new markets through research and networking activities.  ICS offers one-to-one support, enabling organisations to first evaluate their technologies and services, then clarify goals and outline realistic outcomes, and finally create a formal plan to accelerate their innovation process.  ICS also focuses on new product and service development to help maximise the potential for exploiting new market routes.

Public and invitation-only organised events enable the sharing of knowledge and expertise through panel and information sessions.  These enhanced communication and networking activities serve to spark connections, creativity and ideas which, sponsored through appropriate funding, ultimately lead to technological innovations.

Road mapping is one of the services available to ICS clients.  It is designed to help companies and organisations develop strategies with which to classify and prioritise technology solutions and ideas, then subsequently identify opportunities, implement technologies of interest and industrial/scientific need, and move forward in a strategic and effective way.  These processes help to leverage existing expertise and knowledge, as well as build on targeted goals and future vision.

Several of TWIIN’s Innovation Centres have now been through the facilitated road mapping process, enabling them to identify current and ongoing technological activities, and establish future vision and technological targets.  For example, the two Innovation Centres established by TWI in collaboration with Teesside University in 2020: the Industrial Decarbonisation and Hydrogen Innovation Centre (IDHIC) and the Circular Economy and Recycling Innovation Centre (CERIC), used it to prioritise and select intermediate technologies, and move from current knowledge to future vision.

Other Centres, such as the Industrial Net Zero Innovation Centre (INZIC), a partnership between TWI and Digital Catapult, and the Digital Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Centre (DAMIC), established by TWI and Sabanci University, Turkey have also attended dedicated road mapping sessions, and these resulted in the development of visual technology roadmaps tools.

If you would like to discuss working with the TWIIN Innovation Services Consultancy team, please send an email to

Angela Angulo, Innovation Consultancy Services Manager said “The road mapping sessions with the Innovation Centres provided a development and collaboration framework which enabled access to technical expertise and testing facilities, and supported those clients in progressing key technology initiatives, and accessing fruitful new partnerships for R&D, technology transfer and market access.”  “TWI’s involvement and capabilities in the associated sectors, and complementary experience and expertise in the relevant technologies, all fed into the process” she added.

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