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New TWIIN Subscription Offers Route to Technology Innovation

Mon, 20 July, 2020

The TWI Innovation Network (TWIIN) has launched a new Subscription Programme – aimed at companies and organisations who are looking to build on their technology development ambitions to bring more products, systems or services to market – and would benefit from collaborating with TWI’s international networks, that span industry and academia, and its Industrial Membership base.

The aim of the Programme is to facilitate mutual collaborations which will help subscribing companies and research and technology organisations (RTOs) enable engineering advances in specialist areas, across a wide range of industry sectors relevant to their business, in response to commercial needs.  This includes tailored support to maximise capabilities in advancing new concepts through the Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) to market delivery as well as 1-2-1 innovation management consultations, bespoke workshops and opportunities for forging new partnerships.

The new TWIIN Subscription Programme offers a flexible approach to technology innovation management so it is suitable for companies at different stages of their lifecycle.  For example:

  • Start-ups and micro SMEs who are looking for a way to access new opportunities, and guidance on how best to expand their business through realising new technology concepts
  • More established SMEs who are seeking to extend their networks, gain deeper insights into developing new technologies and expand their supply chains
  • Well-established SMEs and larger companies wishing to extend their sphere of influence in the international engineering innovation community, and take advantage of TWI’s cross-industry working and onsite laboratories

Around 100 people attended the Subscription Launch Webinar on 9 July 2020, which featured four speakers and a technology innovation discussion panel of six experts, who collectively shared insights into what makes a successful collaborative partnership, effective ways to leverage technology acceleration and how their companies or organisations have benefited.  The webinar recording was also made available in response to requests after the event.

If you would like to find out more about subscribing to the TWI Innovation Network, please email

Tat-Hean Gan, TWI’s Director of Innovation and Skills said “The new TWIIN Subscription is designed to assist companies and RTOs who take an entrepreneurial approach to their business and have an innovative, proactive mind set. Our experts at TWI can work with them to nurture and coordinate collaborative partnerships that will help develop novel ideas and projects, taking them from concept formulation and prototype validation, through to technology demonstration and qualification, and system scale-up, with the outcome of new applications with industrial engagement.”

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