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Welcome to the TWIIN Annual Convention 2020

Mon, 19 October, 2020

Online convention promoting and discussing industrial innovation

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Join the Convention live

TWI Innovation Network (TWIIN) is proud to be hosting its Annual Convention virtually.

Registration is open for what promises to be an informative, engaging and interactive day focused on engineering innovation and collaborative technology development.

For 2020, the 1-2-1 Innovation Clinics will be making a return online, offering a unique opportunity to find out how TWI Ltd’s Technology Innovation Management team can help businesses join leading research and development projects and access public funding. Book a clinic with the team via the registration link above (appointments will be on a first-come-first-served basis).

Download the TWIIN Convention brochure

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Date, time and place

  • Wednesday 9 December 2020
  • 9:30 - 15:00 (GMT)
  • Zoom Webinar

Thank you to all our TWIIN 2020 Sponsors!


Sponsor videos

Rooms (For use on the day)


Annual convention agenda


An Introduction to the TWI Innovation Network

Dr Cem Selcuk, Head of Business Development, TWIIN (Chair)


Innovating together across borders - the power of TWI Innovation Network

Dr Tat-Hean Gan, Director of Innovation and Skills, TWI Ltd


Fullagar's vision for technology innovation in a changing landscape

Dr Mark Barnett, Commercial Director, Fullagar Technologies Ltd


The dos and don'ts of financing early stage business innovation

Benjamin Reid, Co-Founding Partner, Aspremont





Innovation Centre and SME Pitches

Innovation Centre and Guest Speakers



Collaborating to unlock the development potential in new technologies and services

Why collaboration is key to winning public funding for technology projects

Angela Angulo, Innovation Acceleration Manager, TWI Ltd

Laurence Robinson, TIM Team Manager, TWI Ltd






Room A: Investor and TWIIN

Room B: Innovation Consultancy

Room C: 1-2-1 Clinics with TIM*

Benjamin Reid and Cem Selcuk

Angela Angulo

Laurence Robinson and TIM Project Leaders



Dr Cem Selcuk, Head of Business Development, TWIIN (Chair)

*For companies interested in obtaining public funding to support technology developments By appointment only – Maximum of 12 slots available


Rooms to SME and Innovation Centre pitches

Room A

Investor and TWIIN

Room B

Innovation Consultancy

Room C

1-2-1 Clinics with TIM


More information about TWIIN

TWIIN is globally recognised in the field of structural integrity and its open innovation ecosystem facilitates collaboration between researchers, TWI staff and industrial Member companies. It encompasses start-ups, micro-SMEs and SMEs, large enterprises and multi-nationals from the research and technology supply chain, covering the full range of Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) 1-9 and industry sectors.

Learn about some of the organisations sponsoring the TWIIN Convention

Molecular Plasma Group

University of Hertfordshire

Essex Innovation Centres

University of Bedfordshire STEM Facilities

MatIC and the University of Leicester

Brunel Innovation Centre

Brunel Composites Innovation Centre

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