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TWI supports Photonics showcase at Houses of Parliament

Fri, 12 July, 2019

Prof Rob Scudamore and Dr Noushin Moharrami represented TWI at the all-party parliamentary groups (APPGs) Photonics Showcase on Wednesday 3 July 2019.

Carol Monaghan MP was the host for the Photonics Showcase on behalf of the UK Photonics Industry. This was a great opportunity for all companies in attendance, especially TWI, to showcase UK made Photonics to the parliamentarians and to illustrate the huge role that the Photonics industry plays in different sectors, from healthcare to manufacturing and communications. TWI is engaged in a number of activities related to photonics, including the application of industrial lasers for advanced manufacturing and inspection, and the use of photonic sensing to support its Industry 4.0 activities.

The Photonics industry is worth £13.5b to the UK economy employing 69,000 people, equivalent to that of the Pharmaceutical, Space and Fin Tech industries. Photonics is a key enabler to future growth driven by 5G, autonomy and the digital economy. It is therefore vital that government recognises Photonics and supports the sector accordingly.

For more information on Photonics at TWI, please click here.

Image courtesy of Photonics Leadership Group.
Image courtesy of Photonics Leadership Group.

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