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Non-metallic Innovation Centre looks ahead to the future

Fri, 26 July, 2019

The Non-metallic Innovation Centre (NIC) is the result of a Private Technology Innovation Partnership between TWI, Saudi Aramco Technologies Company and ADNOC, and it is located at TWI’s headquarters in Cambridge.

As part of the development process, ADNOC representatives Dr Abdallah Al Tamimi, Senior Specialist, Research & Technology Transfer and Mr Mohamed Jaber, Marketing Manager spent two weeks at the NIC from 1-15 July 2019.  The purpose of the visit was to take a strategic look at current and future projects, whilst reviewing the centre’s roadmap aimed at the development of new non-metallic composite pipes technology for the oil and gas industry.

As part of the programme, leading designers and manufacturers of composite piping solutions, Future Pipe Industries spent time at TWI with NIC and ADNOC representatives discussing areas for collaboration.  There was also the opportunity for ADNOC to overview the UK facilities of Magma who created m-pipe®, made from PEEK and carbon fibre, which is designed to solve problems that are a challenge to steel and flexibles, such as corrosion and high temperatures.  On the 9 July, additional representatives from ADNOC, including the new Chief Technology Officer, Dr Alan E Nelson, joined their colleagues at the NIC for the day which included a tour of TWI’s laboratories highlighting R&D and applications in the oil and gas industry.

In other activities, Mike Troughton, TWI Technology Fellow, represented the NIC at the biannual API Standard Subcommittee 15 (SC-15) meeting recently in New Orleans, USA.  API SC-15 develops standards on fibreglass pipes, reinforced and unreinforced thermoplastic pipes and liners, and lay flat hoses.  Mike presented an overview of current and future standards on the non-destructive testing of thermoplastic pipes as well as his pioneering work on flaw acceptance criteria for polyethylene pipe joints.  The meeting also provided an opportunity for Mike to introduce the NIC’s vison and mission to a US-based audience.

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