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Joining 4.0 Innovation Centre Publications

Joining 4.0 Innovation Centre (J4IC) publications

Explore some of the technical publications, by J4IC staff, in scientific journals and at conferences:

Reliable and intelligent fault diagnosis with evidential VGG neural networks – Xia, M. Zhou, H. Chen, W. Cheng, L. Williams, D. Silva, C. – IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 2022

 Digital platform enabling robotic survey, repair & agile manufacturing of ships and watercraft – x Santo, F., Williams, D. – ICCAS 2022 - International Conference on Computer Applications in Shipbuilding, September 2022

 Digital twin-driven machine condition monitoring: A literature review – He Liua, Min Xiab, Darren Williams, Jianzhong Suna, Hongsheng Yana, 2022

 Fault diagnosis of a rotor-bearing system under variable rotating speeds using two-stage parameter transfer and infrared thermal images – x Shao, H., Li, W., Xia, M., Zhang, Y., Shen, C., Williams, D., Kennedy, A. and de Silva, C.W. – IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, 70, pp.1-11, 2021

 Intelligent fault diagnosis of machinery using digital twin-assisted deep transfer learning – Xia, M., Shao, H., Williams, D., Lu, S., Shu, L. and de Silva, C.W. – Reliability Engineering & System Safety, 215, p.107938, 2021 

Electron beam characterisation using time series imaging and deep learning – N. Sieczkiewicz, C. Ribton, A. Kennedy, Y. Tian, D. Williams. "" – 6th International Electron Beam Welding Conference, 2021

 Numerical modelling of electron beam welding of pure niobium with beam oscillation: towards Industry 4.0 – Yin, Y., Jefimovs, V., Mitchell, T., Kennedy, A., Williams, D., & Tian, Y. – x 26th IEEE International Conference on Automation and Computing. Plymouth, UK, September 2021

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