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SusFE: Innovative processes and methodologies for next generation sustainable, functional electronic components and systems

Europe currently has a leading position in key digital technologies.  However, functional electronics is one of several emerging digital transformation areas with no established players, but with the potential to significantly disrupt strategic sectors.  Harnessing the full potential of functional electronics will enable Europe to exploit cutting-edge, climate-neutral, digital solutions to strengthen its leadership and seize on emerging opportunities, by addressing existing technological gaps in multiple sectors.

SusFE aims to combine materials and processes to offer eco-friendly, climate-neutral, digital solutions for wound healing monitoring, self-blood sampling and point-of-care devices.  To achieve this, it will develop a sustainable design and production platform for the next generation of wearable and diagnostic devices, within the framework of the green and circular economies, combining novel, flexible, integrated circuit (FlexICs), printed sensors and a compostable, paper-based power source with roll-to-roll manufacturing capability.  The FlexICs will be on polymer substrate with ultra-low power, and wireless communication driven by an organic and recyclable bioenzymatic fuel cell.  The project will also develop use cases through a common toolbox of electronic components, or technology blocks.

Overall, this will lead to highly integrated, autonomous operating systems that are lightweight, environmentally sustainable and low-cost.

Visit the SusFE website for more on the project.

Partners: BeFC Bioenzymatic Fuel Cells, Capitainer, Fraunhofer EMFT, Medtronic, Molecular Plasma Group, Pragmatic, VTT and the Health Care Innovation Centre (HIC).

SusFE has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 101070477.

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