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IntelliScan: Enhanced, artificial intelligence breast MRI scanning system

IntelliScan sought to develop an artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning enhanced breast MRI scanning system for use as a highly efficient, more accurate breast cancer screening tool.  The technology devised within the project applied computer based image interpretation and enhanced software, to deliver improvements in breast cancer detection and the diagnostic doctor/patient experience.

IntelliScan aimed to incorporate both advanced image processing and deep machine learning to develop a national platform for assisting doctors in the interpretation of data coming from breast MRI scans.  The platform is designed to continually receive data from MRI systems operational in the UK, and use data and models to detect anomalies and categorise them by severity.  The algorithms also enable the assessment of treatment efficiency by comparing successive MRI scans of the same patient. 

The project objectives were to: 

  • Digitalise breast cancer MRI interpretation and reporting
  • Combine specialist image processing and disruptive digital technologies in the form of data analytics and machine learning, with advances in AI processing algorithms and the Internet of Things (IoT), namely cloud hosting and image-remote data transmission
  • Develop a breast image interpretation and transmission model integrating a series of visualisation, data processing, communication and decision-support systems, linked to MRI scanners across the country 

IntelliScan was intended to disrupt existing markets by completely changing the way breast cancer MRI is performed, reported and actioned to dramatically improve access to breast healthcare and cancer treatment compliance.  Through the presentation of digitally advanced and highly reliable reports, radiographers can focus on other aspects of information for doctors, thereby improving patient outcomes.

Partners: Brunel University London, First Option Software and the Healthcare Innovation Centre (HIC).

IntelliScan received funding from Innovate UK.

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