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Healthcare Innovation Centre Publications

Healthcare Innovation Centre (HIC) publications

Explore some of the technical publications, by HIC staff, in scientific journals and at conferences:

Beyond liquid biopsy: Toward non-invasive assays for distanced cancer diagnostics in pandemics – Ferrara, F., Zoupanou, S., Primiceri, E., Ali, Z., Chiriacò, M.S. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2022, Volume 196, Article number 113698.

Design and evaluation of a flexible dual-band meander line monopole antenna for on-and off-body healthcare applications– Ali, S.M., Sovuthy, C., Noghanian, S., Ali, Z., Abbasi, Q.H., Imran, M.A., Saeidi, T., Socheatra, S. Micromachines, 2021, 12(5), Article number 475.

Fabrication methods for microfluidic devices: An overview – Scott, S.M., Ali, Z., Micromachines, 2021, 12(3), 319.

Portable, low cost and sensitive cavity enhanced absorption (CEA) detection – Teggert, A., Datta, H., McIntosh, S., Warden, B., Bateson, S., Abugchem, F., Ali, Z. Analyst, 2021, 146(1), p.196 - 2067.

Microbioreactor for lower cost and faster optimisation of protein production– Parekh, M., Ali, A., Ali, Z., Bateson, S., Abugchem, F., Pybus, L., Lennon, C. Analyst, 2020, 145, 6148-6161.

Biomarkers for point-of-care diagnosis of sepsis  – Teggert, A., Datta, H., Ali, Z. Micromachines, 2020, 11(3), Article number 286.

 Shunting microfluidic PCR device for rapid bacterial detection – Salman, A., Carney, H., Bateson, S., Ali, Z. Talanta, 2020, 207, Article number 120303.

Modulation of Macrophage Function by Lactobacillus-Conditioned Medium, Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology – Nanjundaiah, Y.S., Wright, D.A., Baydoun, A.R., Khaled, Z., Ali, Z., Dean, P., Sarker, M.H. 2020, 8, Article number 723.

Biosorption of copper using nopal fibres: moolooite formation and magnesium role in the reactive crystallization mechanism – Carballo-Meilan, A., Hernández-Francisco, E., Sosa-Loyde, G.,Bonilla-Cruz, J., Russell, P., Ali, Z., García-García, A., Arizpe-Zapata, A., Longoria-Rodríguez, F.,  Lara-Ceniceros, T.E., Yin, C.-Y. Cellulose, 2020, 27(17), pp. 10259-10276.

Entangled cellulose nanofibrils/nanosheets derived from native mexican agave for lead(II) ion removal – E. Hernández-Francisco, J. Bonilla-Cruz, U. Márquez-Lamas, Á. Suárez-Jacobo, F. Longoria-Rodríguez, J. Rivera-Haro, P. Russell,  Z. Ali, C.-Y Yin, T.E. Lara-Ceniceros.  Cellulose, 2020, 27(15), 8785-8798.

Impedimetric array in polymer microfluidic cartridge for low cost point-of-care diagnosticsLakey, A., Ali, Z., Scott, S.M., Chebil, S., Korri-Youssoufi, H., Hunor, S., Ohlander, A., Kuphal, M., Marti, J.S. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2019, 129, 147-154.

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