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Mon, 01 April, 2024

Student Name

Siyu Xu

Research Title

Investigation Into In-line Process Monitoring for Improved Quality Assurance Using Artificial Intelligence in Wire-fed Electron Beam Additive Manufacture


Additive Manufacture, Quality Assessment, In-line Inspection, Process Monitoring, Artificial Intelligence

Relevant Industries

Nuclear, Aerospace


TWI, Lloyd's Register Foundation

Affiliated University

Lancaster University

Industry Supervisor(s)

Dr. Colin Ribton (TWI Ltd)

Academic Supervisor(s)

Dr. Yuze Huang (Lancaster University)

Start Date

01 April 2024

Project Outline

Wire-fed EBAM offers significant advantages, including faster manufacturing processes, the ability to stop and start builds as needed, and the capability to produce large components. These features make wire-fed EBAM an attractive option for producing high-performance tungsten components. However, the calibration process remains a significant challenge, often leading to wasted materials and increased costs if not properly managed.

The work carried out during this PhD focuses on developing an in-process AI inspection system that automates the calibration and quality assurance procedures for wire-fed EBAM. This system will ensure consistent beam quality and build performance, reducing the need for manual intervention and minimising errors.