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Wed, 01 November, 2023

Student Name

Sumit Kumar

Research Title

Development of a System for Automatic Defect Recognition from Ultrasonic Data


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Leaming, Data Science, Structure Corrosion Crack, Structure Health Monitoring

Relevant Industries

Oil & Gas, Energy, Offshore, Aerospace


TWI Core Research Programme

Affiliated University

Brunel University London

Industry Supervisor(s)

Dr Channa Nageswaran (TWI Ltd) 

Academic Supervisor(s)

Dr Qingping Yang (Brunel University London)

Start Date

1 November 2023

Project Outline

The project is primarily focused on Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC), which is a type of cracking that is caused due to the simultaneous influence of static tensile stress, a corrosive environment and a susceptible material.

This specific combination makes SCC a significant area of study in the field of structural integrity and materials science.

This type of cracking poses a significant risk as it can progress rapidly and, if undetected, ultimately result in catastrophic failure of the structure, therefore detecting and mitigating stress corrosion cracking is crucial to ensuring the safety of structures and their components.

Safety requirement necessitates the structure health monitoring (SHM) system which is a method of monitoring structure health. It is a widely used system for improving structural reliability and life cycle management.

An SHM system actively functions to prevent catastrophic failures and extend the life of the structure by reporting on structure health and indicating when specific components require replacement. The objective is to develop an automated SHM based on artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML).

Industry is calling for the development of a system that can autonomously monitor and analyse structural conditions using Al/ML algorithms. By integrating these advanced technologies, the aim is to enhance the capabilities of the SHM system to detect, assess, and predict structural health concerns in real-time.

The automation aspect ensures that the SHM system can operate seamlessly without constant human intervention. The utilisation of Al and ML enables the system to learn from data patterns, identify anomalies, and provide accurate assessments of structural integrity.


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