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Arunima Bhuvanendran Nair Jayakumari

Mon, 10 January, 2022

Student Name

Arunima Bhuvanendran Nair Jayakumari

Research Title

Design of materials for hydrogen services (MaHy)


Hydrogen services, diffusion, embrittlement


Lloyd's Register Foundation

Affiliated University

University of Leicester


Dr. Shiladitya Paul (TWI Ltd.), Prof. Hongbiao Dong (University of Leicester)

Start Date


Project Outline

The project will develop understanding of materials behaviour in hydrogen for different alloy systems.

Several tools, such as SEM/EDX, EBSD, TEM and Thermal desorption (TD) techniques will be used to quantify the microstructure of the alloys and the amount of hydrogen, and also attempt to elucidate the mechanism of hydrogen trapping under different hydrogen charging conditions.

Devanathan-Stachurski (DS) cell will be used to measure the hydrogen diffusion parameters through the alloy systems.

Hardness maps will be generated for welded specimens and the hydrogen trapping data will be correlated with the microstructure and the hardness.

The project will ultimately aim to quantify the hydrogen embrittlement (HE) behaviour of metallic materials in hydrogen charging atmospheres under different slow strain rate conditions.

Tests will also be carried out to check the hydrogen pickup away from charging surface by non-invasive, non-intrusive in situ measurement of hydrogen permeation.