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Ali Alperen Bakir

Mon, 18 January, 2021
Ali Alperen Bakir, Photo; TWI Ltd.
Ali Alperen Bakir, Photo; TWI Ltd.

Student Name

Ali Alperen Bakir 

Research Title

Developing a model for predicting the fatigue limit of additive manufactured materials


Additive manufacturing, fatigue, microstructure, mechanical properties, structural integrity  



Affiliated University

Coventry University


Dr Matthew Dore and Dr Yanhui Zhang, (TWI Ltd), Dr Xiang Zhang (Coventry University)

Start Date

18 January 2021

Project Outline

Additive manufacturing is a promising manufacturing method to produce complex parts without the necessity of extra time and cost. It has been predominantly used for prototyping at the earlier stages of manufacturing. However, with recent developments this method is being widely used to produce high-performance engineering parts, especially in the aerospace and biomedical industries. Even though tensile properties of additively manufactured parts are comparable with the wrought material, their mechanical performance under cyclic loading is a major concern. Unlike the failures resulting from static loading, fatigue failures are more of a local phenomenon and are affected by material inhomogeneities and defects. Therefore, understanding the influence of the manufacturing method and the process parameters on the fatigue properties is essential because fatigue is a common failure cause for majority of engineering parts.

In the scope of this project, in order to asses fatigue behavior of additive manufactured materials both experimental and finite element modelling studies will be conducted.




Developing a model for predicting the fatigue limit of additive manufactured materials