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Funke Dacosta-Salu

Mon, 18 January, 2021
Funke Dacosta-Salu Photo, TWI Ltd.
Funke Dacosta-Salu Photo, TWI Ltd.

Student Name

Funke Dacosta-Salu

Research Title

Characterising thermal fatigue at mixing points in industrial pipework


Thermal fatigue, mixing points, fatigue assessment,  Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA)



Affiliated University

Coventry University


Dr T London, Mr A Basso, (TWI Ltd), Prof Xiang Zhang, Prof Michael Fitzpatrick (Coventry University)

Start Date

18 January 2021

Project Outline

Industrial pipelines are extensively used to transport fluids at high temperatures and pressures. This scope is crucial, especially for the Oil & Gas and Nuclear sectors, which are concerned about sharp temperature gradient fields. These temperature gradients are determined by flows mixing at different temperatures at the mixing points. In addition, local geometry of pipes, such as elbows and T-junctions, can amplify the local thermal stresses which often result in fatigue cracking.

The propagation of fatigue cracks is well understood in the Nuclear industry but there is limited information in other industries.

The aim of this research is to characterise thermal mixing process near the mixing points using CFD. Identification of suitable and measurable parameters to characterise thermal stresses at the mixing points. Development of rule matrix to be used by engineers to identify high risk mixing points thereby reducing the resources spent on inspection and ensuring there is safety of lives and properties.




Characterising thermal fatigue at mixing points in industrial pipework