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Ahamed Ameen Rahamatullah

Mon, 18 January, 2021

Student Name

Ahamed Ameen Rahamatullah

Research Title

Microstructure Optimisation of Wire and Arc Deposition Manufactured Deposits by Optimising Feedstock


Additive Manufacturing, WAAM, Microstructure, Thermodynamic Modelling, Mechanical Properties 


Lloyd’s Register Foundation

Affiliated University

Coventry University


Dr Joanna Nicholas (TWI Ltd.), Dr Vit Janik (Coventry University)

Start Date

18 Jan 2021

Project Outline

Additive manufacturing has gone from the future of manufacturing industry to one of the widely investigated domain in the manufacturing industry.

One of the key characteristics of additive manufacturing is high initial cost of manufacturing and need for special equipment. With Wire-Arc additive manufacturing, it is industrially feasible and economical to adopt the AM method for producing large components of engineering materials.

This work will adapt the understanding of steel weld metal microstructures in multi-pass butt welds to support the development of new welding consumable compositions which are optimised for additive manufacturing.

The alloying elements present in the consumable will have an optimised composition such that a desired microstructure along with material properties, is obtained at the end of the printing process.