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Wed, 08 January, 2020

Student Name

Minghui Wu

Research Title

Development of life cycle and environmental cost models to assess the use of thermoplastics in certain aircraft structures


Life cycle costing, life cycle assessment, life cycle sustainability assessment, carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastic, thermoforming 



Affiliated University

University of Surrey


Dr Ujjwal Bharadwaj (TWI Ltd.), Dr Jhuma Sadhukhan and Prof Richard Murphy (University of Surrey)

Start Date

1st April 2019

Project Outline

This project aims at promoting the use of thermoplastics in the aviation industry by making regional aircraft doors using carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastic and other novel techniques, such as induction welding and additive manufacturing methods. Moreover, we will also assess all the processes that are used in the project and perform a life cycle sustainability assessment on them.

The work carried out during this PhD focuses on developing economic and environmental models to assess the use of new material and technology in aircraft doors. The study will carry out a suitable comparison with other manufacturing methods, such as using conventional aluminium construction, based on their potential economic, environmental and social impacts.