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Mason Rowbottom

Wed, 08 January, 2020

Student Name

Mason Rowbottom

Research Title

Development of in-process and post process geometric/defect characterisation and control of parts made via selective laser melting (SLM)


SLM, additive manufacturing, in-process monitoring, defect elimination



Affiliated University

University of Huddersfield


Dr Paul Goodwin (TWI Ltd.), Prof Liam Blunt and Dr Radu Racasan (University of Huddersfield)

Start Date


Project Outline

This PhD project is aimed at developing necessary methodologies for providing quantitative data for in-process defect detection and metrology during the SLM build process. The study is directly aligned with a new innovate UK funded project: distortion reduction and elimination for additive manufacturing (DREAM).

Initial investigation will conduct simulation tests of the optical system in order to look at the implications of high power ranges from 500W -1KW on thermally induced focal shifts.

These simulations will provide valuable data that will be utilised to select alternative materials for the optical system. In return, both simulation data and physical analysis would lead towards developing a more reliable and consistent SLM process.