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Wed, 08 January, 2020

Student Name

Hadi Khalili

Research Title

Improving reliability assessments of offshore structures using Bayesian methods to incorporate new information


Reliability, offshore platforms, fatigue, Bayesian updating


Lloyd’s Register Foundation

Affiliated University

University of Strathclyde


Dr Ujjwal Bharadwaj (TWI Ltd.), Prof Nigel Barltrop and Dr Selda Oterkus (University of Strathclyde)

Start Date


Project Outline

This PhD work will develop an innovative approach to improve current reliability assessment of jacket platform by incorporating new information using Bayesian methods.

Fatigue failure is an important issue in offshore platforms. In order to maintain safety of jacket platforms in service life with respect to fatigue, inspection is an important measure. The inspection and repair program is crucial to improve fatigue performance and also to extend the service life of offshore structures. However, significant cost of inspections, particularly underwater inspections, make it important to properly prioritise inspection locations and inspection frequency.

Where offshore platforms are inspected to assess the state of damage resulting in information such as detection and measurement of cracks, such information can be used to update the probability distributions of uncertainties.


Conference paper:

“System reliability calculation of jacket platforms including fatigue and extreme wave loading”, 7th international conference on marine structures (MARSTRUCT – May 2019)